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 Topic: error with renguard
error with renguard [message #441899] Mon, 27 December 2010 08:41
lastlupin  is currently offline lastlupin  
Messages: 2
Registered: December 2010
Location: florida
From: *
its saids

[10:39] An error occurred within RenGuard. Please report this error: StartProgram - 2

the thing is i have deicaded so idk

fixed nvm

[Updated on: Mon, 27 December 2010 08:45]

 Topic: Error
Error [message #434209] Wed, 04 August 2010 01:40
Messages: 9
Registered: January 2008
Location: Great britain

From: 92.30.141*
[09:40] RenGuard is downloading an important enhancement to its anti-cheat capability.. Please hold.
[09:40] Unauthorized file bandtest.dll has been found in your renegade directory.
[09:40] You have been disconnected from RenGuard, Davemax.
[09:40] Download of RenGuardPatcherv1.2.exe complete
[09:40] An error occurred within RenGuard. Please report this error: StartProgram - 740


[Updated on: Wed, 04 August 2010 01:43]

 Topic: Haven't play in a while - can't login anymore
Haven't play in a while - can't login anymore [message #431559] Sat, 26 June 2010 05:06
Houston  is currently offline Houston  
Messages: 35
Registered: October 2007
Location: Belgium
From: *

Im looking so unpatiently for an answer to the question: how can I change my user in renegade and renguard.

I use to play on my user "Houston"
In renguard it still says something like "Welcome, Houston!"

But in-game when I login (there's an auto login) it gives a message of the day
"Error: Nickname deleted"

I get an empty server list.
If this is fixable please explain how, otherwise I would like to make a new user to play on jelly servers or any famous server like the old days.
How do I make renguard change the user?? It keeps saying
"welcome, Houston!" is this a IP-recognition or something?
How to I dissable the auto login in Renegade?
(it keeps login in on Houston)

Some help would be great Huh
sorry for the crappy english btw.

[Updated on: Sat, 26 June 2010 05:07]

 Topic: renguard wont start
renguard wont start [message #344169] Thu, 31 July 2008 20:03
johnnyfix  is currently offline johnnyfix  
Messages: 1
Registered: July 2008
From: 75.128.13*
I started using renguard last week everything working great then today i try to start it and it does absolutley nothin, no error message nothin at all. any ideas? I can run the game2.exe and renegade runs fine.

uhh... nevermind i just installed renguard agian and it works fine...

[Updated on: Thu, 31 July 2008 20:52]

 Topic: New unauthorized file
New unauthorized file [message #337753] Fri, 27 June 2008 18:37
renohol  is currently offline renohol  
Messages: 149
Registered: July 2007
Location: PST
From: *
I haven't downloaded any map packs or anything for a few months and this is starting to happen when u try to play Renegade! hread=6552&page=1

[14:09] Trying to connect to server #1...Connected!
[14:09] Secure link established.
[14:09] Welcome to RenGuard,
[14:09] To launch Renegade, please click 'Renegade'.
[14:09] Unauthorized file data\MNObl_Ag_1.W3D has been found in your renegade directory.
[14:09] You have been disconnected from RenGuard,

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 Topic: Renguard Auto-Installer suggestion
Renguard Auto-Installer suggestion [message #328229] Tue, 29 April 2008 06:17
Messages: 423
Registered: January 2005
Location: Germany
From: *
We have 2008, many new functions are available on the server side. Here comes the problem, for many of them, player will need scripts 2.92 at least. generally, 2.92 are the best scripts for performance on slightly older pcs, whilst 3.44 are the best for modern machines.

So I thought over it and here is my result: After installing RG, it will patch itself and the user will be asked if he wants to install new patches etc then. RG downloads the CP2 and auto-installs it.

After this nothing happens anymore.

My suggestion is, please add the scripts 2.92 in the same way so they will be installed right after CP2 via batch command.

I don't know if that can be done in a simple way, thinking of the way CP2 comes via RG I think it could be.
 Topic: !help
!help [message #310803] Mon, 14 January 2008 10:03
The Elite Officer  is currently offline The Elite Officer  
Messages: 602
Registered: September 2007
Location: Chapel Hill, North Caroli...
From: 198.86.93*
Hello, my renguard startup fine it says:

Hello, npadul30!
Connecting to server
Secure Link Established
Welcome to Renguard
Press 'Renegade' to launch Renegade
WARNING: You have modeled textures (skins) in you data folder, therefore you cannot join a pure renegade server.

Okay so I hist renegade and then it launches WWCONFIG and I hit ok and then the screen goes black and it exits out to desktop and it say "Disconnecting from Renaguard" "Renegade Terminiated"

You help would be much appriceated and welcome. Smile

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 Topic: Fix for one of the Ren-Guard installation problems
Fix for one of the Ren-Guard installation problems [message #307510] Thu, 03 January 2008 01:53
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
Messages: 1458
Registered: August 2006
Location: Australia, Sydney
General (1 Star)
From: *
When re-installing C&C Renegade I had trouble getting Ren-Guard working to to my manual deletion (going to the folder it was installed in, selecting it and hitting delete) of the Renegade folder.
The error during installation did not occur after performing the following procedure in the video.

Simple video on how to delete the Ren-Guard registry settings, for those who are prone to heart attacks after they have mucked up their registry.

Please report any errors I have made while filming this.

[Updated on: Thu, 03 January 2008 01:56]

 Topic: RenGuard Loading issues
RenGuard Loading issues [message #301790] Sat, 08 December 2007 06:37
Effigy  is currently offline Effigy  
Messages: 1
Registered: December 2007
Location: Jersey
From: *
Since the update, I have gotton the "Unauthorized Instance" message. I tried giving it more time to scan the files. This didnt work. I clicked on renegade again and got into the game. Renguard was not running. I cold booted the system and tried again. This time I got An error occurred within RenGuard. Please report this error: recv - 10054. Can anyone help resolve this issue please?
 Topic: RG Issues
RG Issues [message #297164] Fri, 16 November 2007 13:20
trunkskgb  is currently offline trunkskgb  
Messages: 214
Registered: September 2003
From: *
I've noticed a few faults from Renguard and I have a feeling it's a result of the latest patch. I've seen a lot of "complaint" posts here but it's usually people who just flame and cuss and end up on the wall of shame. I am in no way insulting RG. I appreciate the hard work you guys have done to create it because at one time, cheaters where everywhere and everyone stopped playing.

Let me get back to the topic at hand. Some of the issues I've seen, encountered and seen other people talk about is how it crashes almost every other time you load renegade.

Sometimes, when you load RG and Rene and connect....RG doesn't...

I've also noticed if you !rg someone and it says "They are not running RG" and you follow up with a !forcerg it say they are running RG.

I've asked some other people if they remember these issues with the previous version and they all said no.

I'm wondering if these issues have been address and are being or planned to be fixed. That's all, thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

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 Topic: Renguard Locate displaying multiple users
icon4.gif  Renguard Locate displaying multiple users [message #292614] Thu, 25 October 2007 11:36
WNxCABAL  is currently offline WNxCABAL  
Messages: 1391
Registered: July 2004
General (1 Star)
From: *
I'm not sure if anybody has been made aware, RG locate is showing multiple players in its list.
I've been on there since Tuesday night and haven't logged on since then.*&type=adv&limit=99999



[Updated on: Thu, 25 October 2007 11:36]

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 Topic: fixed copies of what?
fixed copies of what? [message #289111] Mon, 08 October 2007 11:25
makemikelaugh  is currently offline makemikelaugh  
Messages: 2
Registered: October 2007
From: *
I just installed renegade on my new computer and downloaded renguard and i keep getting disconnected from the scanning for the core patch 2 with this error message:

RenGuard has detected corrupt files. In order to install Core patch 2, you need to download fixed copies and extract them to your renegade directory. Mix files (maps) belong to the data directory.

it gives me 2 links to download stuff but neither of the links exist anymore i guess....
what should i do?
 Topic: No uninstall entry for RenGuard
No uninstall entry for RenGuard [message #272389] Tue, 10 July 2007 22:05
cmatt42  is currently offline cmatt42  
Messages: 2056
Registered: July 2004
General (2 Stars)

From: *
Apparently with the new RenGuard installer, it doesn't create an entry in the Add/Remove programs list. It would be fantastic if someone could write an uninstaller or repack the current one so that it creates the entry.

In the meantime, I'm affixing the old 1.03 installer (it's the original and completely unmodified in any way) that does create the entry. If someone can figure out a way to use that to uninstall RenGuard, please post what you did here so that others can use it (I'm not going to touch the new one with a ten-foot pole since the old one works just fine).

After uninstalling, you can reinstall using this one and letting RenGuard update itself to the latest version. Thumbs Up
 Topic: Renguard FAQ - READ FIRST
Renguard FAQ - READ FIRST [message #264552] Sat, 09 June 2007 05:09
Goztow  is currently offline Goztow  
Messages: 9611
Registered: March 2005
Location: Belgium
General (5 Stars)

From: *
You can find a list of common problems with renguard and how to solve them here. Please check this page before posting your question.

[Updated on: Wed, 29 August 2007 13:11]
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 Topic: error code 00000057
icon8.gif  error code 00000057 [message #263182] Mon, 04 June 2007 22:28
SR29  is currently offline SR29  
Messages: 2
Registered: June 2007
From: *
recently my computer picked up a virus and all my memory was wiped out.So i had to reinstall renegade and renguard.But now when i launch Renegade with renguard installed a error message comes up reading error code 00000057.I am running winxp and C&C the first decade.any help wud be greatly appreciated =]

 Topic: RenGuard backend updates
RenGuard backend updates [message #260086] Tue, 22 May 2007 06:37
Crimson  is currently offline Crimson  
Messages: 7422
Registered: February 2003
Location: Phoenix, AZ
General (5 Stars)
From: *
We are performing an update on the backend update to better handle the mass disconnections. We apologize for the connection issues that may have happened as a result.

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 Topic: Allow my models pl0x
Allow my models pl0x [message #259949] Mon, 21 May 2007 11:39
Messages: 1070
Registered: March 2006
General (1 Star)
From: *
I have this pistol model called: ScopedDesertEagly, but I removed the crappy scope. Can someone allow me to use my new model?
Here it is.

  • Attachment:
    (Size: 232.08KB, Downloaded 337 time(s))

 Topic: Problem..
Problem.. [message #259702] Sun, 20 May 2007 09:04
Hitman  is currently offline Hitman  
Messages: 878
Registered: November 2005
Location: Belgium
From: *
I try to connect to Renguard and its like

Trying to connect to server #1...Connection Succesfull
Server doesnt respond...Trying next one...
Same but just with number 2 and 3 , then it gives some screen that my firewall might not be compatible with RG , and i didnt change anything of whatever..
 Topic: Operation timed Out
Operation timed Out [message #257981] Wed, 09 May 2007 16:16
StrongSide  is currently offline StrongSide
Messages: 4
Registered: May 2007
From: *
this is the error i get ehrn im trying to connect to WOL i pass the Bandwith test and after that this is what i get...and i did turn off my Firewall

 Topic: can some one aprove this
icon5.gif  can some one aprove this [message #257969] Wed, 09 May 2007 14:29
sharra  is currently offline sharra  
Messages: 177
Registered: January 2007
From: *
i think it is blazer who does this but not sure could you approve these uranes made them

[Updated on: Wed, 09 May 2007 14:29]

 Topic: renguard
icon9.gif  renguard [message #257548] Sun, 06 May 2007 07:58
bigdog46  is currently offline bigdog46  
Messages: 1
Registered: May 2007
Location: us
From: *
when i install renguard it says it has been installed please click renegade when i do renegade dose not start it thinks fore a secound then it wount start. thanks bigdog46
 Topic: I am in
I am in [message #257366] Fri, 04 May 2007 22:07
xxredrum  is currently offline xxredrum  
Messages: 6
Registered: October 2005
Location: canada
From: *
i am in ,happy hunting,smile when you kill me because you buiding is gone,thx anyway you guys are the best
 Topic: bf2142 wepon model
bf2142 wepon model [message #257304] Fri, 04 May 2007 13:22
sharra  is currently offline sharra  
Messages: 177
Registered: January 2007
From: *
hey uranes might make he wepon modeles frome bf2142 for renegad can you make them compatabel whith renguard when he does plese
 Topic: new renguard problem: game doesnt so nothing!
icon8.gif  new renguard problem: game doesnt so nothing! [message #256412] Sun, 29 April 2007 15:58
benk23  is currently offline benk23  
Messages: 4
Registered: April 2007
Location: canada
From: *
k so i just got over one problem with renguard and now ive got one much much worse. now i click on the renegade icon, renguard opens up, i click "renegade" and the whole thing shuts down. so i click on the renegade icon again and this time it thinks for a couple seconds but doesnt open anything. and now it doesnt open at all. i restarted my computer, tried again, same thing. it opens, shuts down and wont open again. whats going on here?

 Topic: rengaurd wont work help me
rengaurd wont work help me [message #256387] Sun, 29 April 2007 11:54
jjdresh99  is currently offline jjdresh99  
Messages: 9
Registered: April 2007
From: *
[13:51] Warning: No WOL name found. Connecting to WOL will probably fail.
[13:51] Trying to connect to server #1...Connected!
[13:51] Server is not responding. Trying next one.
[13:51] Trying to connect to server #2...Connected!
[13:51] Secure link established.
[13:51] Welcome to RenGuard, !
[13:51] To launch Renegade, please click 'Renegade'.
[13:51] Bad/Corrupted file data\always.dbs has been found in your renegade directory.
[13:51] You have been disconnected from RenGuard, .
what does this mean and how do i get rid of it this is my secound time asking for help.
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