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 Topic: Attention n00bstories players
Attention n00bstories players [message #423266] Mon, 22 March 2010 16:38
liquidv2  is currently offline liquidv2  
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From: *
if you are a current or past n00bstories player please consider signing up for and playing in n00bstories vs. Jelly this Saturday at 8 pm GMT

i'd like to see a decent sized community match for a change; i miss the days when communities could easily show up with 20-player teams id=0

it should be fun

Starbuzzz wrote on Fri, 31 December 2010 07:39

If St0rm was a country, I would nuke it.
 Topic: end
end [message #417990] Tue, 19 January 2010 04:48
cncforever  is currently offline cncforever  
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[Updated on: Thu, 29 July 2010 09:58]

 Topic: Apocalypse Rising interview
Apocalypse Rising interview [message #417555] Wed, 13 January 2010 22:49
Lone0001  is currently offline Lone0001  
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From: *
CnCFPS, your source for all things C&C and FPS, has been alive for a month so in honor of that we decided to interview a few members from the AR team.

You can see it all here.
C&C Files
 Topic: Homeless sings "Creep"
Homeless sings "Creep" [message #415580] Sat, 26 December 2009 11:46
RoCk2Star  is currently offline RoCk2Star  
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 Topic: Did the skin browser work?
Did the skin browser work? [message #415543] Fri, 25 December 2009 20:33
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
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From: *
I remember a screen in the Renegade setup menus where you could select between skins for the Renegade models. I originally thought this was a bizzare dream, but it does exist on a vanilla install without official patches.

When I first played Renegade I wasn't online (No Internet) and so I didn't have access to the patches. The best multiplayer experience I had was in Multiplayer Practice. I even wanted to file a bug report because Under was the only map with bots Smile. The extras cheats was along the lines of extras fnkwrrm.

Did it actually work, and what was it like? I remember a preview of the model on the right and a list on the left, nothing more.

A proud user of Renegade with TT on Linux, unemulated thanks to the Wine project
WOL: Veyrdite Previously: Dthdealer ( a long time ago )
 Topic: My brother playing Canyon :)
My brother playing Canyon :) [message #414247] Wed, 16 December 2009 18:23
zunnie  is currently offline zunnie  
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Location: Netherlands
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From: *

My brother LudiCrousKiLLs owning a few newbs on Canyon map Razz

 Topic: Renegade X - Dev Night, December 19th and 20th
Renegade X - Dev Night, December 19th and 20th [message #414107] Tue, 15 December 2009 16:43
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Location: Canada
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From: *
Hey guys, our last Dev Night, which had taken place a month ago, was a blast. We will be having our second 'Dev Night' this weekend.

This is your chance to play with the developers of Renegade X, and other members of the community. You could expect a great deal of teamwork as well. All the information you need can be found below.

The game will be held this coming weekend. The first event will be on Saturday, December 19th, and the second will be on Sunday, December 20th.

Both events will start at 3:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).

You will NEED Renegade X, version 0.40 to play. More information about that here: nd-more

Dev Night will take place on the [OFFICIAL] Server v0.40( server.

Just like our previous events such as the annual ReneGame, Teamspeak will be hosted. It is highly recommended that you use Teamspeak for this game. To download the teamspeak client, simply go to

The purpose of using Teamspeak is to maximize teamplay and therefore push Renegade X's gameplay to its very limit. Teamplay will be key for this game, to achieve the highest potential of organized action. We will be using the Renegade X teamspeak server. The IP is

See you there!
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 Topic: Teamspeak 2 Telnet
Teamspeak 2 Telnet [message #413761] Fri, 11 December 2009 03:25
Gen_Blacky  is currently offline Gen_Blacky  
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From: *
does anyone know if you can set player channel permissions through telnet (cprivs)? I am trying to make a modified Perl mod give register users auto voice. I know you can set normal privileges (ppriv) with (sppriv).


channeladmin = 1
operator = 2
voice = 4
auto_operator = 8
auto_voice = 16


serveradmin = 1
allowed_reg = 2
registered = 4
sticky = 16

More info about telnet
 Topic: vbscript help needed
vbscript help needed [message #413590] Wed, 09 December 2009 07:41
reborn  is currently offline reborn  
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Location: uk - london
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From: 160.83.42*
I'm really not very interested in vbscript at all, but I need to change an existing script I butchered together so that I can delete any subfolder (subfolders of subfolders of subfolders etc etc etc) where the folder contains no files.
I'm already deleting the files themselves if they are over x days old, but it leaves the folders there...

A seperate loop to run afterwaprs is fine, but would prefer to delete this folders that the files are being deleted out of as I go along in the current loop if possible.

If you can help, I would appreciate it.

' VBscript to delete files in a particular directory after seven days
' Only deletes files that have not been modified and accessed in seven days

''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Settings for configuration '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

' This setting defines where the log file is placed.
Wheretoplacelogfile = "c:\test\log"
' This setting defines how many days the file needs to of been un-modified and not accessed before deletion
NumberOfDays = -7
' This setting defines what folder needs to be cleaned up
FolderForCleaning = "c:\fake"

'''''''''''''''''''''''''' End of settings '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

LocalDate = Day(Now()) & "-" & Month(Now()) & "-" & Year(Now())
LocalTime = right("00" & Hour(NOW()), 2) & ":" & right("00" & Minute(NOW()), 2) & ":" & right("00" & Second(NOW()), 2)
Dim objNetwork
Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Wheretoplacelogfile = Wheretoplacelogfile & "Deletion Log File created by " & objNetwork.UserName & " " & LocalDate & ".txt"
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set FileWriter = fso.CreateTextFile(Wheretoplacelogfile , True)
FileWriter.WriteLine("Clean-up log file")
FileWriter.WriteLine("Generated on the " & LocalDate & " at " & LocalTime)
FileWriter.WriteLine("Log file generated by " & objNetwork.UserName & " using computer name " & objNetwork.ComputerName & " on the " & objNetwork.UserDomain & " domain" )
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")

Dim Queue
Queue = FolderForCleaning & ";"

     While Queue <> ""
            Dim Path
			Path = Split(Queue,";")(0)
			Queue = Right(Queue,Len(Queue) - Len(Path)-1)

     Dim oFSO, oFolder, oFiles, oFile, OSubFolders
        set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        set oFolder = oFSO.GetFolder(Path)
        set oFiles = oFolder.Files
		set oSubFolders = oFolder.SubFolders
		For Each oSubFolder in OSubFolders
		'Note : Only use *lowercase* letters in the folder names below:
		If Not LCase(oSubFolder.Name) = "do not delete this folder contents" And Not LCase(oSubFolder.Name) = "my special folder" Then
			Queue = Queue & oSubFolder & ";"
			End if
		For Each oFile In oFiles
            On Error Resume Next
            If (oFile.DateLastModified < DateAdd("d", NumberOfDays, Now())) Then
            FileWriter.WriteLine("File: " & oFile.Name)
            FileWriter.WriteLine("File located: " & oFile.Path)
            FileWriter.WriteLine("The file size is: " & oFile.Size & "Bytes" & "  and is a " & oFile.Type)
            FileWriter.WriteLine("Last modified: " & oFile.DateLastModified)
            FileWriter.WriteLine("File confirmed for deletion...")
            FileWriter.WriteLine("Deleting file...")
            FileWriter.WriteLine("The file has now been deleted ")
       		FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
       		FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
       		End If


' Probably never going to happen, but best to just check the data again incase it took longer then a day, lol...
LocalDate = Day(Now()) & "-" & Month(Now()) & "-" & Year(Now())
LocalTime = right("00" & Hour(NOW()), 2) & ":" & right("00" & Minute(NOW()), 2) & ":" & right("00" & Second(NOW()), 2)
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine(" ")
FileWriter.WriteLine("Completed on the " & LocalDate & " at " & LocalTime)

Set objMessage = CreateObject("CDO.Message") 

objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item _
("") = sendusingnnum

'Name or IP of Remote SMTP Server
objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item _
("") = "smpthub"

'Type of authentication, NONE, Basic (Base64 encoded), NTLM
objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item _
("") = someauthtypehere

'Server port (typically 25)
objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item _
("") = some number

'Connection Timeout in seconds (the maximum time CDO will try to establish a connection to the SMTP server)
objMessage.Configuration.Fields.Item _
("") = numhere


' Was going to email myself the entire log file in the form of the emails body, but screw that...
'These constants are defined to make the code more readable
'Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8
'Dim fso, f
'Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
'Open the file for reading
'Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(Wheretoplacelogfile, ForReading)
'The ReadAll method reads the entire file into the variable BodyText
'BodyText = f.ReadAll
'Close the file
'Set f = Nothing
'Set fso = Nothing 

objMessage.Subject = "Logging for the shared drive"
objMessage.From = "" 
objMessage.To = "" 
objMessage.CC = ""
'objMessage.TextBody = BodyText
'objMessage.TextBody = Wheretoplacefile
objMessage.HTMLBody = vbCrLf & "<a href='file://\\myservernamehere\log files\" & "Deletion Log File created by " & objNetwork.UserName & " " & LocalDate & ".txt" & "'>Clickhere to view the log file for the drive</a>"

[Updated on: Wed, 09 December 2009 07:42]

 Topic: Game-Maps Staff Position
Game-Maps Staff Position [message #413582] Wed, 09 December 2009 04:49
zunnie  is currently offline zunnie  
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Location: Netherlands
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From: *
Hey guys,

we are currently looking for someone who wants to help with the
Renegade section of Game-Maps.
There have been numerous releases of new skins mostly and some
other files under the Mod Releases forum over here.

I am myself working on our UT/UT2004/UT3 section so i dont have
time to do the Renegade section as well.

I was wondering if there is anyone with some basic FTP and very
basic HTML <a> <img> knowledge who would like to help out.

What you will be doing is simple:
You download the skins, create a winrar installer for it, upload
it to FTP, then you add the file to the database.

If you are interested in becoming a staff member then please
send me a PM on the forums here, email me or
come on in channel #game-maps

Thanks, greetz zunnie
 Topic: [message #413285] Sun, 06 December 2009 06:16
zunnie  is currently offline zunnie  
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Location: Netherlands
General (2 Stars)

From: *

I registered the domain for use as a index for Unreal Technology based games.
On the site you can choose between three supported games Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 3.

Also submitting files no longer requires registration on the forum. The files that are uploaded will be placed on Game-Maps section sites
asap by staff members.

Greetz Game-Maps Staff
 Topic: If u have problem with that..
If u have problem with that.. [message #411326] Wed, 18 November 2009 13:42
RoCk2Star  is currently offline RoCk2Star  
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Use to Smile
 Topic: Any motorcycle owners?
Any motorcycle owners? [message #406419] Fri, 09 October 2009 22:39
nikki6ixx  is currently offline nikki6ixx  
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From: *
So I've been looking around for some time for a set of wheels, and I'm curious if anyone here has had experience with the following brands: Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Buell(& Harley). Anything to do with service, reliability (or lack thereof), and overall enjoyment.

Also, I'm likely to get something out of the 'cruiser' department (V-Twin, low saddle), but I'm not averse to a couple of the Sport-Touring models like the Buell Ulysses; any advice on either category based on comfort, practicality, and anything else you think should be mentioned. I'm also looking for something that's under 1200cc, but above 650. Weight is of little concern to me, as long as it's easy to control.

I know it's likely a long-shot, but I've been surprised here before. Mr. Green

Aircraftkiller wrote on Fri, 10 January 2014 16:56

The only game where everyone competes to be an e-janitor.
 Topic: XP sp3 - RenX Tutroial
XP sp3 - RenX Tutroial [message #405218] Sun, 04 October 2009 02:20
RoCk2Star  is currently offline RoCk2Star  
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From: *
Okay i known where was the problem, cause most of you xp sp3 users aren't Americans or British like me and my friend. Well you have to change language in files

1 Step
Go C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config -> UTEngine and change language to INT instead of yours.

2 Step
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\Renegade\Config -> UTEngine and change language to INT.

Then create shortcut on desktop with "D:\Games\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" -mod=..\Renegade -solomod

3 additonal step When your graphic dosent want to change after changing lang you have to reset graphic to defaults and quit and launch again game, then change graphci to what ever you want.

Then it will work for anyone, fixed problem Smile
 Topic: 80s
80s [message #403975] Sat, 26 September 2009 12:33
archerman  is currently offline archerman  
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Location: Istanbul / Turkey
From: 85.108.100*
post stuff about 80s here. here is alphaville:

sorry for my English
 Topic: Buying new cars from dealers....
Buying new cars from dealers.... [message #403792] Thu, 24 September 2009 16:52
Speedy059  is currently offline Speedy059  
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From: *
Yesterday I went to the dealer and bought my wife a new Toyota 2010 LX Camry and was able to haggle them down to the invoice price by pretty much saying I wasn't motivated to buy the dumb car and would only purchase it tonight if you ate the taxes on the purchase. I was surprised that I was able to persuade them in selling me the car so cheap (invoice price!!! - OK very close...) and am now wondering what it would be like for the Tundras? From what I've seen it looks like they are still in high demand and limited supply around the country, has anyone purchased a Toyota truck within the last 6 months? Where you able to get a cheaper price than MSRP?

[Updated on: Thu, 24 September 2009 16:54]

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 Topic: Kane dance!!
Kane dance!! [message #403011] Wed, 16 September 2009 11:34
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From: *
So whatcha think about Kane's nice dance moves huh?

Dance 1


Dance 2

Planet CnC

and yes, their old'z

[Updated on: Wed, 16 September 2009 11:36]

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CarrierII wrote on Fri 21 May 2010 06:58

This doesn't meet the minimum standards of spam.
 Topic: Anyone here works in the publicity / marketing sector?
Anyone here works in the publicity / marketing sector? [message #402382] Fri, 11 September 2009 00:15
Goztow  is currently offline Goztow  
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From: *
If so, can they contact me per PM?
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 Topic: Quit Stinking up the Place
Quit Stinking up the Place [message #399389] Sun, 23 August 2009 21:45
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From: *
A QH orig.

"We Can End This Destructive Conquest...
and Rule the Galaxy together."

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 Topic: Worm
Worm [message #398602] Wed, 19 August 2009 20:52
zeratul  is currently offline zeratul  
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From: *
Ok anyone got any better information on the worm that was on cause thats what i got i got it fixed but i be
curious Tell Me

The world.... hell with benefits
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 Topic: some footage, tankin action
some footage, tankin action [message #397776] Wed, 12 August 2009 20:54
Hitman  is currently offline Hitman  
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Location: Belgium
From: *

not to long, but whatever.

[Updated on: Wed, 12 August 2009 21:07]

 Topic: Need help
Need help [message #396724] Sat, 01 August 2009 07:26
2kool4u526  is currently offline 2kool4u526  
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From: *
How do I make the multiplayer training map playable in a LAN game (It's boring playing against 1 other person so I want to play against them with bots).
I know there is a german server that plays the map online, but I don't know how to make the multiplayer map select read it???
 Topic: Rockn Ren Flyin' High Again
Rockn Ren Flyin' High Again [message #383434] Wed, 29 April 2009 09:42
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From: *
Okay maybe this will help................

"We Can End This Destructive Conquest...
and Rule the Galaxy together."

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 Topic: LAN
LAN [message #382828] Sun, 26 April 2009 19:26
The Party  is currently offline The Party  
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From: *
How do you host a LAN dedicated server with Nightregulator bot? I can get it working and I can connect to it using another computer and see the server in the LAN window.

But if I try to go to the LAN screen on the computer that the FDS/Bot is on it does not show up.

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 Topic: TT TEASER! - water rendering and widescreen fix
TT TEASER! - water rendering and widescreen fix [message #380101] Mon, 13 April 2009 17:37
Crimson  is currently offline Crimson  
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From: *

I love Blazer!
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