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 Topic: A good forgotten n00bstorie!
A good forgotten n00bstorie! [message #30061] Sat, 12 July 2003 09:23
Gus  is currently offline Gus  
Messages: 88
Registered: February 2003
Location: Sao Paulo, Brasil

A few days back I reported a story about lance3065 (link above) and it got Top 10 (9.5 avg), but suddently it dropped down to 8.82, certainly because the n00b himself and some friends rated it at low grade.

Hope you like it! Post comments,plz! Wink

Up the Irons!
 Topic: Another CnC page and a server
Another CnC page and a server [message #29283] Mon, 07 July 2003 00:36
Titan1x77  is currently offline Titan1x77  
Messages: 1086
Registered: February 2003
General (1 Star)
i revamped my server on WOL....Supports 10 players mostly DM's a couple of cool CnC mode maps for a 5 on 5 thrown in there as well..

Forums are up and have an ART gallery for renegade screens and many other topic's to discuss.

Drop by and check it out....The forums are new and be one of the 1st to join.
 Topic: Renegade Alert Level Updates
Renegade Alert Level Updates [message #28983] Fri, 04 July 2003 23:24
Aircraftkiller  is currently offline Aircraftkiller  
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Registered: February 2003
General (5 Stars)
 Topic: Dedicated server questions (new/old person)
Dedicated server questions (new/old person) [message #27424] Thu, 26 June 2003 12:43
aratech  is currently offline aratech  
Messages: 14
Registered: June 2003

Yo, just registered again... i was apart of these forums along time ago... gauranteed none of u will remember me. Anyways i was wondering stuff about the dedicated server.

first, is there a place i can d/l it? the link on the renegade page doesn't work..

second, does having a dedicated server up compromise your firewall?

thanks in advance
 Topic: Request for ip ban on sjezk3
Request for ip ban on sjezk3 [message #27201] Wed, 25 June 2003 02:57
DarkDemin  is currently offline DarkDemin  
Messages: 1483
Registered: March 2003
General (1 Star)

Please crimson i have backing from Aprime and a couple of others for this ban.
OMG SPAM THREAD. [message #27178] Tue, 24 June 2003 21:39
L3f7H4nd3d  is currently offline L3f7H4nd3d  
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2 x 120 GB Western Digital "Special Edition" 8 MB Cache
Logitech MX-700 Cordless Optical Mouse
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 Topic: JTeKSnipeServers are back
JTeKSnipeServers are back [message #27090] Tue, 24 June 2003 15:06
Messages: 321
Registered: February 2003
Location: USA

Well, it's been a while, I know, I've been playing PlanetSide lately, I bought the game after being in the beta hoping it was everything the Devs said the retail version would be, and it wasn't. It should've never came out of retail. This doesn't mean I've canceled my suscription, I'll still keep it, but until they fix it up Renegade is a much better game.

I'm considering this a fresh start for JSS. I'm going to need moderators again, and my old ones are still welcome to stop by my newer channel irc:// PM me your nick and IP.
If you've never moderated for me just e-mail me your WOL nickname IP why you want to mod and if you've ever moderated any server before.
E-mail address is, I may not always be watching the server as I have a lot of work to do on a website I'm making. But I'll try my best. Within a week JSSMX will be it's oldself.

 Topic: S*o*D Forums UP!
S*o*D Forums UP! [message #25382] Tue, 17 June 2003 06:41
Darkeye 35  is currently offline Darkeye 35  
Messages: 84
Registered: June 2003
Location: UK

Visit us at the S*o*D Forums. It's new and I have never run my own forums before..... at least visit to get me the hits. Hey, Why not post while youre there?

Forum Moderator and Writer @
C&C International Renegade Fansite

 Topic: Renegade Webmaster Wanted
Renegade Webmaster Wanted [message #24436] Wed, 11 June 2003 12:26
zerk  is currently offline zerk  
Messages: 101
Registered: June 2003
If you are in the renegade community, are a skilled webmaster, and interested in working at a site please reply to this post, send an email to me, or a PM.


 Topic: #n00bstories IRC moved... hopefully for the last time!
#n00bstories IRC moved... hopefully for the last time! [message #24100] Sun, 08 June 2003 15:06
Crimson  is currently offline Crimson  
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Registered: February 2003
Location: Phoenix, AZ
General (5 Stars)
ADMINISTRATOR -- yes, that's right, we have complete control of it now. It's on a dedicated server jointly owned by myself, Blazer, and djlaptop. This server has been hosting for over a month and is now hosting these forums with its 2 gHz processor and 512MB of RAM.

We'll most likely be linking to DOM Guild's IRC server soon so that we'll all be back together again.

Until DNS propagates, if you can't connect using, use the IP, which is


As always, the Java Applet is updated -->

I love Blazer!
Phase One Multiplayer Beta Tester
 Topic: Join the AOE Forums
Join the AOE Forums [message #24024] Sun, 08 June 2003 04:14
Nightma13  is currently offline Nightma13  
Messages: 91
Registered: March 2003
Location: Not Saying

There are some new forum at feel free to register and talk about anything you like also we have a server whitch will be running in about 15-20 days Smile

Please visit the extravaganza Forums at
 Topic: Calling attention to HTSolid's post in the Clan Forum
Calling attention to HTSolid's post in the Clan Forum [message #22849] Fri, 30 May 2003 11:28
HTDana  is currently offline HTDana  
Messages: 62
Registered: February 2003
For those of you who might be interested, I just wanted people to know that HazTeam is holding tryouts this Sunday. We've been doing some housecleaning and reorganizing, too. More info can be found at

Have a good weekend, all...

 Topic: and working together and working together [message #20487] Wed, 14 May 2003 11:31
laeubi  is currently offline laeubi  
Messages: 799
Registered: February 2003
Location: Germany

Insted of offer you 2 different places where you find tutorials, we have decided to work together and use one Database for both sites.

you now find all tutorials at:

Sadly there are some problems with the DNS server so you find the site temporary at: as long as don't work. Find Mods, Maps, Tool, Files and More!
< All Tutorials you ever searched for >
< contact me >
"Don't say it is imposible... just find a solution!"
 Topic: Is WOL down?
Is WOL down? [message #20005] Mon, 12 May 2003 02:40
ArUsH4nIl  is currently offline ArUsH4nIl  
Messages: 388
Registered: April 2003
Location: Outside!!! (look)

i csn get on to the all servers, USA Pacific and Euro with no problems, but there are no game or anything there, and i highly doubt that no1 is playing on any server.
 Topic: RenAlert server UP on GSA.
RenAlert server UP on GSA. [message #19670] Fri, 09 May 2003 16:18
-Tech-  is currently offline -Tech-  
Messages: 142
Registered: April 2003
Location: Calgary, Canada
Titled Ren Alert Public BETA. I'll try to keep it up all day, but I have to go out and I've never hosted a dedicated server before, so be warned.
 Topic: COMING SOON : "CnC Community"
COMING SOON : "CnC Community" [message #19472] Thu, 08 May 2003 15:37
Cabal [CNCW]  is currently offline Cabal [CNCW]  
Messages: 20
Registered: March 2003
Location: Folkestone, Kent, UK
Here's a quick post about which will be opening soon. If you have your own C&C site please could you post this on it??




Within the next few weeks myself and Aaron from Westwood Experience, with help from Col. Burt, will be launching "CnC Community" - a Command & Conquer community hub with the aim if improving the community and bringing it closer together. It will also bring the community and the developers closer.

Staff members from Community sites will be able to join the community hub and post information about news that is available on their site, events that are happening in the community and any other information they feel will benefit the community. Members from the C&C development teams past and present will also be posting news and information on the site to keep the fans updated with everything that is happening. We currently have 14 past and present C&C team members who will help on the site and more are joining all the time. As well as the news pages here are some of the features which will be available on the site

* Developer Diaries - Members of the development team will have an opportunity to keep us updated with the progress of upcoming releases.
* Community Diary - Every week we will be keeping a diary log of news and events from all around the C&C community.
* Rants - Community members and developers will have a chance to post rants about anything that they want to (C&C related of course).
* Developer pages - Past and present developers will each have a page where they can post information about themselves and any news that they think may be of interest to the community. Their page will also include profiles and photos if they wish to add them.
* Fansite of the week - Where possible we will select a fansite from the community to be the featured fansite every week. They will be mentioned on the site and their webmaster will be interviewed.

The features above are just some of the things that you will find on the
site when it launches. We have many other features planned which you may

The address of the site will be although currently there is only a coming soon page.

If you own a Command & Conquer website and would like to have posting access for you and / or your staff members then please e-mail with site details and name, nickname, e-mail address etc for staff members you wish to post news on your behalf. Also please contact us if you have any suggestions for things to add to the site.

PLEASE NOTE : We are expecting a small amount of downtime over the next few days while our hosts do something with the server. We don't expect to be down long. If you e-mail the membership e-mail address and receive an error message then you can always e-mail .

I'll keep you updated

-Scott "Cabal" Daniells

Scott "Cabal" Daniells
 Topic: well...
well... [message #18920] Tue, 06 May 2003 00:41
Carl  is currently offline Carl  
Messages: 165
Registered: March 2003
Location: Washington, US
not sure if anyones interested... im sure SOME of you out there are... but here....

 Topic: Tonight's connectivity issues - IRC
Tonight's connectivity issues - IRC [message #18673] Sun, 04 May 2003 22:25
Crimson  is currently offline Crimson  
Messages: 7418
Registered: February 2003
Location: Phoenix, AZ
General (5 Stars)
The n00bstories shell is under attack. Blazer shut off that IP so you can connect to the IRC chat by using another server:


I love Blazer!
Phase One Multiplayer Beta Tester
 Topic: Lol i have been a n00b a few weeks ago
Lol i have been a n00b a few weeks ago [message #18216] Fri, 02 May 2003 13:03
Rikkie  is currently offline Rikkie  
Messages: 30
Registered: March 2003
I was in a 16 player game on mesa and there were only 2 players yet. Me and brianep. I asked him nicely not to destroy harv because i wanted to sneak behind to get in Nod obelix Smile. He didn;t react and bought a tank and went shooting on the harv. I begged him not to destroy it paged em, even tried to repair the harv but he wasted it anyway. No respons at all. Then he got attacked and screamed I need repairs. I was still there with a Hotwire and didn't repaired him because he was mad. So I got in his tank aftre he bought a new one. I wanted to steal and waste it as soon as he got out. Unfortunately he 'didn't dared to repair his tank with me close to his tank Very Happy. Other players kept repairing him so I bought a hummer and blocked him when he wanted to pull back because his tank was about to blown. Then later in the game I stole his apc when he hopped out to repair the AGT and save it just before it got destroyed.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Ok brianep I am sorry and won't do it again but I got so mad that you destroyed the harvey while i begged you not to do it Razz
First time I have been a real n00b :P:P

WOL Nick name: Rikkkie
Together with Stoeltjuh I am clanleader of the [TFF] Tactical Fighting Force clan.
 Topic: Are Westwood Online Servers Down??
Are Westwood Online Servers Down?? [message #18020] Thu, 01 May 2003 10:28
uksuz67  is currently offline uksuz67  
Messages: 1
Registered: May 2003
Are the Westwood Online servers down? Sad If so for how long?
 Topic: Tiberian Sun sounds
Tiberian Sun sounds [message #17076] Fri, 25 April 2003 15:02
Deafwasp  is currently offline Deafwasp  
Messages: 555
Registered: February 2003
 Topic: OT: I got TOS'd by EA!
OT: I got TOS'd by EA! [message #16648] Wed, 23 April 2003 14:12
Imdgr8one  is currently offline Imdgr8one  
Messages: 874
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Location: Nebraska

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.

If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days.

You may also update this question by replying to this message. Because your reply will be automatically processed, you MUST enter your reply in the space below. Text entered into any other part of this message will be discarded.
[===> Please enter your reply below this line <===]

[===> Please enter your reply above this line <===]

Notification of Message Board TOS Violation.

Discussion Thread
Response (TOSMB Divay T.) 04/23/2003 01:29 PM
Location of Violation:!view=1&start=1&skip=1

Type of Violation: Board Disruption

Your message below has been removed from the message boards because it was in violation of EA.coms Terms of Service. The location of the thread and the type of violation are listed above. If you have questions about EA.coms Terms of Service, please visit: We appreciate your interest in our service and we encourage you to continue to participate in our forums as long as you comply with our rules. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


EARepOrion Message Board Team


For all web hosting needs, visit BBFWeb
[BBF] Imdgr8one, check out the BBF server on WOL!
 Topic: how do i pass the DEADLY REUNION mission
how do i pass the DEADLY REUNION mission [message #16596] Wed, 23 April 2003 12:09
ice_lui  is currently offline ice_lui  
Messages: 2
Registered: April 2003
Location: Toronto
every time i get passed the second flame tank Dead Eye dies, what am i doing worng??
 Topic: Renegade server serial
Renegade server serial [message #16551] Wed, 23 April 2003 04:54
Brother  is currently offline Brother  
Messages: 1
Registered: April 2003
Location: Belgium

Where can i get a serial for the dedicated server????
 Topic: K9CowSvr has changed.
K9CowSvr has changed. [message #16144] Mon, 21 April 2003 18:35
K9Trooper  is currently offline K9Trooper  
Messages: 821
Registered: February 2003

As of 18h 37m K9CowSvr is no more. My server has changed to K9TrprSvr. It is still a sniper server and all the same rules apply. My moderators remain the same also.

This is a result of my leaving The MadCow Clan. I'm in the process of trying to join another clan. I will post that clan if and when I get in to it.

Thanks for your support in K9CowSvr and I look foward to your support in K9TrprSvr.



R.I.P. TreyD. You will be missed, but not forgotten.
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