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 Topic: I need a uvw unwrap texture
I need a uvw unwrap texture [message #49837] Mon, 29 September 2003 17:40
Infinint  is currently offline Infinint  
Messages: 926
Registered: June 2003
Location: USA

That contains the blank texture and a picture with lables for each part.

this is the mech im texturing:
this is what i was modeling it after:
just to give an idea of what i was looking for

if any one could do this that would be great Very Happy

Case 9 Studios Co-Founder
 Topic: Lightwave 2 suggestions
Lightwave 2 suggestions [message #48878] Tue, 23 September 2003 23:23
Titan1x77  is currently offline Titan1x77  
Messages: 1086
Registered: February 2003
General (1 Star)
anyone have any suggestions for lightwave2 just leave them here

"But if the gameplay sucks, the looks don't matter at all." - Sir Phoenixx

 Topic: SOG... Server?
SOG... Server? [message #48768] Tue, 23 September 2003 12:58
Messages: 194
Registered: February 2003
Location: WV
I can't remember the exact name of the server, but I haven’t seen it up recently. Just wondering if anyone here would know anything about its status ?

Semper Fi
 Topic: Tutorial Community
Tutorial Community [message #48404] Sat, 20 September 2003 22:04
Stackout  is currently offline Stackout  
Messages: 7
Registered: August 2003
Location: Colorado

Hello every one! Please sign up and viset I'm working on some tutorials to knock people socks off! any way please submit some Wink As you might notice the site is still under construction but still good enough to viset and sign up for. I will probably change the site name soon! Thank you.

Heimech Studios
 Topic: LAG!!!
LAG!!! [message #47717] Tue, 16 September 2003 19:45
Infinint  is currently offline Infinint  
Messages: 926
Registered: June 2003
Location: USA

lag what a wonderfull thing NOT...
any one got some tips on how to reduce lag? i was playing in a server today (im mod of it) and every day theres huge lag, today was the worst where your drove for about a minute then you lagged back to your original spot then 5 minets later you would find your self in some random location created from where you moved from the spto you laged to to where you went WHICH IS REALLY FRUSTRATING.... so any one got any tips on how to reduce it?

to start off:
press F8 C then ENTER this reduces lag if your not in proximity or looking at any moveing objects.

Case 9 Studios Co-Founder
 Topic: No More ddos
No More ddos [message #47328] Sun, 14 September 2003 15:41
Mackin69  is currently offline Mackin69  
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Registered: June 2003
Location: Dirty South GA

i will not say any "threats" towards foenixz about ddos because he seems to not like it i appolgize for saying the comment but i was in an uproar due to his unruley ircops comming on over and trying to act a fool. but i'm not going to start that up.

 Topic: Renegade Developer Interview.......?
Renegade Developer Interview.......? [message #47006] Sat, 13 September 2003 18:31
xSeth2k2x  is currently offline xSeth2k2x  
Messages: 285
Registered: July 2003
Location: In my room in the chair
I downloaded a VTM off of 3dBuzz and it has a interview with some of the people who made renegade.Anyone else seen it?

 Topic: The FoD main box seems to be down
The FoD main box seems to be down [message #46424] Wed, 10 September 2003 18:46
hareman  is currently offline hareman  
Messages: 340
Registered: May 2003
I do not know hat is wrong but I do a ticket in to have iy looked at
 Topic: fds server
fds server [message #45955] Mon, 08 September 2003 13:56
jestersht  is currently offline jestersht  
Messages: 51
Registered: March 2003
Location: owen sound, ontario
i need to get a code to install this server
and i requested one about 2 weeks ago and still no reply can someone please help me with this?

thx in advance
 Topic: OT : any experianceed vnc users, i need help!?
OT : any experianceed vnc users, i need help!? [message #45757] Sun, 07 September 2003 14:35
wilhil  is currently offline wilhil  
Messages: 17
Registered: July 2003

I am posting this on any forum i belong to, basically i need help the backfround is I am bored silly at school now i am in sixth form, I have lessons spread out throughout the day like 1 and 5, hours apart and being bored silly with a itnernet connection that nearly everytihng is blocked is dead boring, I installed tightvnc as it allows you to configure ports, I set it to port 80 for http and main to 21 as these ports are unblocked in school, when i access it from another computer in my house using either http://william or hrrp://x.x.x.x - x being the network / lan ip (sorry knowing this forum i dont want to give my ip address!) it works fine, but when I try to connect thru http://x.x.x.x x being my internet ip, after i type the password i get the message "network error : remote side closed connection"

any help is appreciated and quickly i hope,a s i want it to be working for tommorows boring day of school!
 Topic: *insert random insanity here*
*insert random insanity here* [message #45742] Sun, 07 September 2003 12:30
Vitaminous  is currently offline Vitaminous  
Messages: 1958
Registered: February 2003
Location: Québec
General (1 Star)

I suck cock and love it... absolutely love it. And I just got banned for being too immature to be allowed to post here.
 Topic: Can Anyone Help me out?
Can Anyone Help me out? [message #45588] Fri, 05 September 2003 15:32
smwScott  is currently offline smwScott  
Messages: 225
Registered: February 2003
I installed the latest graphics drivers for my computer and now when I start Renegade I get a "Out of Range" message on the monitor saying H:126 V: 99 . It also won't let me bring up the monitor menu to re-adjust it. I don't know why this happened. I like the drivers, I get about 10 more FPS on most games, so I'd kinda like to keep them if at all possible. BTW - I also ran the game in windowed and it worked fine, but thats crappy. In case you need them my specs are:

Pentium 4 2.2 GHz
Geforce 4 Ti4200 128MB
Windows XP Home
Just a regular 19'' monitor

Any help would be appreciated.


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 Topic: QUOTE FROM MOD FORUM: Perm. Fan Map Server.
QUOTE FROM MOD FORUM: Perm. Fan Map Server. [message #44584] Mon, 01 September 2003 15:12
Vitaminous  is currently offline Vitaminous  
Messages: 1958
Registered: February 2003
Location: Québec
General (1 Star)


Would you donate upwards of $3 a month to keep it running? Note that the more people we would get would lower the price.

BTW, if I put a mm server up, I would have weekly voting to decide what maps were in the rotation.

I am capable of doing this, just need funding.

Donate Via Paypal:

Thread Link:

I suck cock and love it... absolutely love it. And I just got banned for being too immature to be allowed to post here.
 Topic: Make maps and/or skins?
Make maps and/or skins? [message #43927] Fri, 29 August 2003 16:30
Beanyhead  is currently offline Beanyhead  
Messages: 549
Registered: February 2003
Location: Kentucky, USA

If you do, I'll be making both an XDCC channel (#renfiles) and a site ( If you want your maps on this site and channel please reply and I'll go ahead and all the files you've made. If you do not want certian files made by you to not appear on these locations, go ahead and tell me that also.

I already sent a AIM/MSN/ICQ message to a few people asking them about this. Thank you very much!
 Topic: Qustion about Skins/mods
Qustion about Skins/mods [message #43404] Wed, 27 August 2003 20:30
Qicksh0t  is currently offline Qicksh0t  
Messages: 15
Registered: August 2003
Location: Kentucky, USA

how hard is it? if renegade doesnt die i might think about trying to make some skins. one of my friends, goldops, was telling me that i could probably do it, but the nod soldier is pretty hard... (or something on that order)

i guess this post is more stated to ack, or anyone else who knows about modding Wink

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 Topic: word of caution
word of caution [message #39897] Sat, 16 August 2003 11:03
Infinint  is currently offline Infinint  
Messages: 926
Registered: June 2003
Location: USA

dont delete that patch in windows to fix renx. trust me dont want to delete that patch just to make renx a little bit easyer to work with, the worm is much wrorse and makes your comp just want to restart every 5 minets!! you can go to to get the patch agean it you already deleted it.

Case 9 Studios Co-Founder
 Topic: Do you think it's worth it? Server-side terrain?
Do you think it's worth it? Server-side terrain? [message #39117] Wed, 13 August 2003 12:45
[REHT]Spirit  is currently offline [REHT]Spirit  
Messages: 277
Registered: April 2003

Don't know how many here read the mod forum so:
 Topic: New Renegade Server, FoDSvr05
New Renegade Server, FoDSvr05 [message #37749] Fri, 08 August 2003 20:14
snipesimo  is currently offline snipesimo  
Messages: 764
Registered: February 2003
I fixed my server, and i am now hosting fodsvr05. Its a small, 4 player snipe only, but it is the most my conn can handle. The rules are a little different than that of fodsvr02 if you don't like them.
 Topic: No ladder No matter
No ladder No matter [message #36789] Wed, 06 August 2003 09:25
--oo00o00oo--  is currently offline --oo00o00oo--  
Messages: 180
Registered: June 2003

i dont mind not having a ladder system that was always just a little bonus, but since the ladder went down the stats have also stopped updating. i always loved to check the stats and seeing how many people i have wasted during my entire time here on renegade. i wish this would atleast continue to update.
 Topic: need map
need map [message #35159] Thu, 31 July 2003 08:37
TheGunrun  is currently offline TheGunrun  
Messages: 801
Registered: April 2003
Location: nj

im looking for a c&c renegade map that really looks like a multiplayer game on wol with bots and tanks. can any one sugest a map?

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 Topic: The battle against the n00b forces continues!
The battle against the n00b forces continues! [message #35150] Thu, 31 July 2003 07:44
KIRBY098  is currently offline KIRBY098  
Messages: 1546
Registered: February 2003
General (1 Star)

VERY well written fan fiction, based on some of the more well known renegade players you know and love. Surprised

The live Smile , they fight Mad , and some of them buy the farm Evil or Very Mad .

Good stuff. Shocked

 Topic: wow i'm back after another year. so whats new?
wow i'm back after another year. so whats new? [message #33789] Thu, 24 July 2003 16:39
spike228  is currently offline spike228  
Messages: 6
Registered: April 2003
well some people might remember me posting back a year ago.

the questions are, is renegade any different? any cool mods worth reinstalling renegade for? and what is this that i am hearing of tiberian twilight?

that is all. thank you for your time. Very Happy

 Topic: The difference between Infantry only and DM
The difference between Infantry only and DM [message #33086] Tue, 22 July 2003 11:04
Duke of Nukes  is currently offline Duke of Nukes  
Messages: 453
Registered: February 2003
Location: Denver, Colorado

since appearantly people STILL need this explained to them, Death Match and Infantry only are NOT the same thing.

Infantry only is a normal game in which you play without in a game WITH base destruction. There are many maps that encourage this type of gameplay (see: Gobi, Sands, Haunted 2, ect.)

Death Match is a game fought with infantry only as well. However there is a difference. In Death Match, there is no base destruction. It is a bunch of people running around killing each other. A variation of this is Team Deathmatch, which people are on teams. This is the only way to play in Ren, so theres no point in calling it Team Deathmatch, so we're just going to call it Death Match. There are also maps that encourage this (see: Beach, DM Center, Haunted House DM, ect.)

I bring up specific maps because the difference is obvious in the Haunted maps. In Haunted House DM, there are no buildings FOR you to destroy. In Haunted 2, there are. Thus, Haunted House DM = DM and Haunted 2 = Infantry only. The difference is in the name.

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 Topic: Overlord
Overlord [message #32924] Mon, 21 July 2003 19:19
xSeth2k2x  is currently offline xSeth2k2x  
Messages: 285
Registered: July 2003
Location: In my room in the chair
Mike is hosting a game of the classic map overlord( was all the rage before i quit. What ever happend to it ?)

(join if ya have the time)

 Topic: ReneMix
ReneMix [message #30158] Sat, 12 July 2003 18:16
Darkeye 35  is currently offline Darkeye 35  
Messages: 84
Registered: June 2003
Location: UK

Using those radio commands i was given yesterday, I came up with a little composition....... as soon as I find a place to host it you guyz and galz can have a listen (hint hint at the hosting bit Very Happy )

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