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 Topic: what u want in Terminator Skynets Wrath
what u want in Terminator Skynets Wrath [message #199860] Wed, 17 May 2006 22:00
N1warhead  is currently offline N1warhead  
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From: *
Hey guys, creator of the Terminator mod here, i was wondering what u guys want in it, give me some of yalls Ideas, and Opinions, oh i just got the Website made too, its nothing much, but its somethign atleast LOl thats the site....... Tell yalls ideas and opinions Smile Smile Smile All your C&C Modding Tutorials/Downloads/Forums, etc! Conquering the C&C universe with a rush of MEDS and MRLS!
 Topic: A note to anyone using the new INIClass stuff
A note to anyone using the new INIClass stuff [message #199314] Fri, 12 May 2006 16:04
jonwil  is currently offline jonwil  
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From: *
Anyone using the new INI stuff in 2.7.x, please note.
The ini file needs to be in the renegade data folder (or the mix files), NOT the renegade folder.
The INI functions read the file in the same way as they read other ini files like armor.ini and such.

Jonathan Wilson aka Jonwil
Creator and Lead Coder of the Custom scripts.dll
Renegade Engine Guru
Creator and Lead Coder of TT.DLL
Official member of Tiberian Technologies
 Topic: How do you attach a daves arrow to a spawner?
How do you attach a daves arrow to a spawner? [message #199059] Tue, 09 May 2006 14:22
Spetz5  is currently offline Spetz5  
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Location: Ontario, Canada.

From: *
I was told that to change a spawn character you have to crate a daves arrow, and attach it to it? How do you do this?
 Topic: sniper rifle models
sniper rifle models [message #198986] Mon, 08 May 2006 05:36
KimoSabe7  is currently offline KimoSabe7  
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Registered: December 2005
Location: Sudbury,Ontario,Canada*

From: 208.96.73*
does anyone know where i can find some rifle models for Ren to replace the 500 sniper rifle ? i searched the forums and didnt get anything =[
 Topic: Skirmish mod...
Skirmish mod... [message #198944] Sun, 07 May 2006 15:16
Paladin  is currently offline Paladin  
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Registered: May 2006
From: 207.195.243*
Hi, I'm a Renegade player from way back, gotten back into it due to getting a copy of TFD... I have a question, I like to play skirmish just for fun sometimes, and I was wondering if it was at all possible to make a mod for skirmish mode, say to put in crates and weapon drops from kills like SSAOW, but in skirmish mode...

I've modded other games in the past (Just for my personal use, nothing huge) so I'm just wondering if it's possible at all, and if so I'll go figure the rest out... I just wouldn't want to go learning all about the specifics of modding a game only to find out I can't do what I want with it anyway Smile
 Topic: scripts.dll 2.7.1 is out
scripts.dll 2.7.1 is out [message #198816] Fri, 05 May 2006 21:54
jonwil  is currently offline jonwil  
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Registered: February 2003
General (3 Stars)

From: *
This is just a bug-fix release on top of scripts.dll 2.7.
Get it from
Changes in 2.7.1:
Made the ID console command server-only (i.e. it wont work on the client anymore). A change I made in 2.7 doesnt work on the client.
Updated the documentation for the Set_Wireframe_Mode console command and hte JFW_Wireframe_Mode script.
Fixed an issue that caused the Is_Base_Powered, Can_Generate_Vehicles, Can_Generate_Soliders and Find_Harvester engine calls to fail on linux.
Fixed the engine calls that get the max bullets and max clip bullets to work correctly.
Fixed a typo in Find_Harvester that caused it to not work on win32
Corrected the order the parameters are passed to PurchaseSettingsDefClass::Find_Definition in Get_Purchase_Definition.
Added better parameter checking to Get_Definition_Name & Get_Definition_ID.
Corrected the order the parameters are passed to Get_Purchase_Definition in Get_Team_Cost.
Added better parameter checking to Set_Enlisted, Set_Beacon, Set_Refill, Set_Preset and Set_Alternate.
Changed Set_Preset so that if the preset you remove is not the last one in the list, all the other presets are moved backwards. (if you dont do this, things break)
Corrected an issue in the definition for DefinitionClass that was causing crashes after a certain number of maps had been loaded.
Better notes for Get_Vehicle_Owner and Set_Refill in engine.h
Changed JFW_PT_Disable and JFW_PT_Disable_Death to properly call Update_PT_Data.

Jonathan Wilson aka Jonwil
Creator and Lead Coder of the Custom scripts.dll
Renegade Engine Guru
Creator and Lead Coder of TT.DLL
Official member of Tiberian Technologies
 Topic: chameleon wars mod
chameleon wars mod [message #198732] Fri, 05 May 2006 04:48
pig2cat  is currently offline pig2cat  
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Registered: August 2003
From: *
lol, hi , i made a serverside moddy for ren, chameleon, its quite funny, and its hard to shoot with the tanks:P
screenies @, , and clicky here for download (just a objects.aow) clicky here

and, yes dudley, you came up with the idea Big Ups

[Updated on: Fri, 05 May 2006 04:52]

 Topic: aggregates?
aggregates? [message #198450] Mon, 01 May 2006 14:37
EatMyCar  is currently offline EatMyCar  
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Registered: January 2005
From: *
How would I go about adding aggregates to units like Commando added to the Chem Warrior/Flame Troop/Commando? (ie:add the grenvest aggregate to the Grenadier.)
 Topic: Tiberium Desolation now recruting!!
Tiberium Desolation now recruting!! [message #194972] Mon, 03 April 2006 07:50
Titan_HQ  is currently offline Titan_HQ  
Messages: 63
Registered: March 2006
Location: Scotland

From: *
Im recruting mambers for my mod team. I hope that over time all the positions can be filled but for now i need some one who can make models in Gmax or any 3d modelling software as long as they can be converted into Gmax format

Here is a list of all of the open positions.
webmaster (filled)
weapon modeller
weapon skinner
weapon animator
unit modeller
unit animator
unit skinner
character modeller
character animator
character skinner

for noe this is all i need if you can do one or more of these things then send me an email

If you want to join the Tiberium Desolation team, email me at
 Topic: Bot ServerSide
Bot ServerSide [message #193896] Sun, 26 March 2006 09:16
Socke  is currently offline Socke  
Messages: 17
Registered: September 2005
From: *
Hi all, I has tried to do it to Bots and has as done them as on the bell-boy (http: // Tut=40), but if I Dedicatet has loaded server and he the Map, then he restarts the server always, Why? I have also copied used objects.ddb and *.IDD in the list of Dedicatet server. I simply do not know why it not goes.



[Updated on: Sun, 26 March 2006 09:33]

 Topic: Script Help
Script Help [message #193895] Sun, 26 March 2006 09:15
Socke  is currently offline Socke  
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Registered: September 2005
From: *
Hi all. I have there ma par ask. Are Bla_Bla_custom scripts one message send? Are Bla_Bla_on_custom scripts one message on a message wait? I try it already for a long time, but I kan to me my mistakes do not explain. With Scripts Zones I work and with the Daves Arrows!! Thus I want to have that in my Mod. If the play 20 seconds runs and vehicles are provided. I still want to have this so that one becomes in a vehicle immediately gebeamt.thanks
 Topic: scripts.dll 2.5.1 is out
scripts.dll 2.5.1 is out [message #192751] Mon, 13 March 2006 22:53
jonwil  is currently offline jonwil  
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General (3 Stars)

From: *
get it from

The only change is that we un-did the changes to the page console function on the LFDS and have implemented page commands a different way. You still use the page console command just like on the win32 FDS though.

Jonathan Wilson aka Jonwil
Creator and Lead Coder of the Custom scripts.dll
Renegade Engine Guru
Creator and Lead Coder of TT.DLL
Official member of Tiberian Technologies
 Topic: Walls/City_Flying
Walls/City_Flying [message #192232] Wed, 08 March 2006 19:30
HRWormy  is currently offline HRWormy  
Messages: 2
Registered: February 2006
From: *
I have an issue, I am trying to mod city_flying and walls_Flying, i have tried to use Xcc Mix editor to make my city.mix file, but the problem is i don't think i am doing it right. What do i have to do to make the mods work on city_flying with the added wd3 files, like the ramps up the hand and buildings, what i have done so far is make a walls.ldd file and enabled flying vehicles in the level editor, then when i save level i then go in and rename as city_flying.ldd, i then try to import that into the xcc mix editor and make my .mix of city_flying, but when i run it, it crashes anyone trying to join , i have tried just renameing the city.ldd to city_flying.ldd and putting it in my FDS/Data folder, but again , the mods do work, but the extra ramps and the other .w3d files are not in there, the doors do not open but you can go through them
can anyone help me with this problem?

 Topic: Sound Pack 2.0
Sound Pack 2.0 [message #191166] Sat, 25 February 2006 06:51
idebo  is currently offline idebo  
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Registered: October 2004
Location: Netherlands

From: *
-- Readme --

Alternate sounds for C&C Renegade by idebo.

To install: unzip all files to your Renegade\Data folder.

>> This pack includes:
The original Hummv/APC/Buggy machine gun sound from C&C 95,
The original Obelisk buildup and fire sound from C&C 95,
The original Stealth Tank cloaking sound from C&C 95,
An alternate chain-gun sound,
An alternate pistol sound,
An alternate shotgun sound,
"Boink" replacements.

To use the other "boink" replacements, exctract one of the correction_3<*> sounds, and rename it

>> Notes:
-All the sounds are extracted from other games and slightly adjusted for in-game use of
C&C Renegade.
- Feel free to use for your own sake.

 Topic: Releaseing Old, Unfinished Projects
Releaseing Old, Unfinished Projects [message #188493] Sun, 05 February 2006 09:54
Nightma12  is currently offline Nightma12  
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Category Moderator
From: * mp;start=0&rid=1350
 Topic: Script Question
Script Question [message #187905] Tue, 31 January 2006 10:17
BlazeDragoon  is currently offline BlazeDragoon  
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Registered: April 2004
From: *
Is there any script that I can attach to a repair tank that makes it repair faster when a Nod tech gets inside it?I belive there was one,but I have no idea what the name is,if there even is.
 Topic: Attach to bone :S
Attach to bone :S [message #187576] Sun, 29 January 2006 01:37
theplague  is currently offline theplague  
Messages: 261
Registered: May 2004
From: *
Here is the code i use:
rlogo = Commands->Create_Object_At_Bone(obj, "Invisible_Object", "K_R UPPERARM");
llogo = Commands->Create_Object_At_Bone(obj, "Invisible_Object", "K_L UPPERARM");
Commands->Attach_To_Object_Bone(rlogo,obj,"K_R UPPERARM");
Commands->Attach_To_Object_Bone(llogo,obj,"K_L UPPERARM");
Commands->Set_Model(rmedal, "p_doubdam");
Commands->Set_Model(lmedal, "p_doubdam");
i wanted it to attach to the upper arms, but no matter what bone name i try, it always ends up on the butt...

here are the bone names i have:

can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong? cos this is realy anoying...

[Updated on: Sun, 29 January 2006 01:37]
 Topic: Need Tutorial
Need Tutorial [message #187466] Sat, 28 January 2006 09:33
Kamuix  is currently offline Kamuix  
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Location: Ontario, Canada
General (1 Star)

From: *
I read a small tutorial on script writing and played around with it abit but I cant find the other one. Can someone give me the link?

I also would like to know what program to use to compile the scripts source file into a .dll file.


[Updated on: Sat, 28 January 2006 09:45]

 Topic: question about 3rd person weps
question about 3rd person weps [message #187431] Fri, 27 January 2006 19:21
LucefieD  is currently offline LucefieD  
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From: *
I've been doing my own little project Putting the 1st person models in for the 3rd(like exdeath only im doing them all) But ive got a problem with the weapons that have lights and such on them. Such as the crystal on the laser rifle. It turns out black when I use it as the 3rd person model.

I have the same problem with the flame on the flamethrower,lights on tib rifle, etc. I think it might be a w3d export setting thats wrong. Does anyone know what these are supposed to be set as. Are they agregates? or something else maybe.

  • Attachment: lrifle.JPG
    (Size: 52.52KB, Downloaded 551 time(s))

LG WM2501HVA - LG DLE2140W
 Topic: muzzlea1 on weapon models
muzzlea1 on weapon models [message #187208] Thu, 26 January 2006 08:19
danpaul88  is currently offline danpaul88  
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From: *
Is it possible to use the muzzlea1 bone on weapon models? I tried to use it on a weapon model but it still fired from the muzzlea0 bone only, ignoring the a1 bone. According to the westwood tutorial file ( you can use both muzzlea0 and muzzlea1 bones, although I have yet to see a working example of this (at least I cant think of one at the moment)


Weapons Bones:
MuzzleA0, A1: position at which bullets are fired, muzzle bones pivots axes
are oriented the same way the weapon`s pivot is.

Perhaps this is something which they took out support for, or was written incorrectly? Anyway, let me know if it is possible to use muzzlea1 or not, and if it is how to set it up in LE (I am assuming thats where I am going wrong..)

[Updated on: Thu, 26 January 2006 08:19]
 Topic: Command and Conquer: Reborn
Command and Conquer: Reborn [message #183214] Thu, 22 December 2005 20:02
rm5248  is currently offline rm5248  
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Location: USA
General (1 Star)

From: *
Command and Conquer: Re-barn is a new mod set in the farming universe. In Re-barn, you will be able to upgrade your farm from a simple family farm, to a farm that pummels on it's neighbors with the Farm Mafia.

As you can see, this mod is progressing wonderfully. Here's an early Beta test of the Barn that acts as your farm base: arn/Reb arn-Barn.jpg (man, this is stupid)
This barn is completely re-done from the one in Renegade, hence the name RE-Barn.

This is the new MCT, or Master Cow Terminal, which controls milk production: arn/Reb arn-MCT.jpg (take out the spaces to see)
Soon we also hope to implement the Master Chicken Terminal for controlling egg production. Each building has it's own MCT, Master Chicken Terminal for the chicken coop, Master Cow Terminal for the Barn, Master Chef Terminal for the kitchen, and the Master Crap Terminal for the bathroom!

This is the Mafia's main weapon, the PISTOL OF DOOM:

Coming soon: Mafia sniper!
Farm house!
Chicken man!
Texture errors!
Incomplete betas!
No reload animations!

Command and Conquer: Reborn is always looking for new people! If you are seriously interested in this, please go see a psycaiatrist! Otherwise, just post here!

Please come and help Reborn compete with Ren Alert and Reborn and SWMod for SUPER ULTIMATE mod status!

[/making fun of people saying 'Re-barn' instead of 'Reborn']
Seriously, the making fun of Reborn has really gotten out of hand...

[Updated on: Thu, 22 December 2005 20:08]

 Topic: progress report on various projects I have been/am working on
progress report on various projects I have been/am working on [message #182570] Sun, 18 December 2005 06:18
jonwil  is currently offline jonwil  
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From: *
I just started full time work so I dont have much time to do renegade work at the moment.

I have released the leveledit bug-fix and so far it seems to be good. I dont plan on releasing another version of that for a while unless a bug shows up that happens with my new leveledit version and cant be reproduced at all in the westwood version (i.e. bugs that are due to my changes) or if some other major leveledit "this has to be fixed, there is no work around for it" type bug shows up (most of the other stuff has a work around e.g. you can hide the transparent meshes when you do the vertex solve and they wont get screwed up)

SSAOW 1.4 is out, if a SSAOW 1.4.1 (or whatever) is to be made, I am sure WhiteDragon can make that happen (I will be there to do whatever my time allows).

2.2.2 of the custom scripts.dll is out, given my limited time, I dont plan on making a 2.2.3 or a 2.3 anytime soon. Should a serious bug show up (such as a crash that happens often with 2.2.2), I will investigate releasing a 2.2.3. (so far, the only bug I know of is one that causes JFW_Console_Input_On_Custom to not work which is not serious enough to go through a full release given my limited time). I dont plan on any further enhancements to the scripts.dll in the near future (e.g. HUD for reborn, the script HTMLGOD asked me for the other day or whatever else) since I just dont have the time to do them.

I am still working on Core Patch 2 and as soon as I get the final versions C&C_FieldTS & C&C_Walls from Reborn, the final version of C&C_Last_Stand from Titan1x77 and a readme file from Crimson, we can go into beta testing (exactly how this will happen has yet to be decided, we will probobly go into a closed beta fairly soon since I dont think BHS has enough people and different system configs etc ourselves to do a proper beta test)

Jonathan Wilson aka Jonwil
Creator and Lead Coder of the Custom scripts.dll
Renegade Engine Guru
Creator and Lead Coder of TT.DLL
Official member of Tiberian Technologies
 Topic: New Animated Creatures/Enemies?
New Animated Creatures/Enemies? [message #181558] Tue, 06 December 2005 18:49
zardalu  is currently offline zardalu  
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Registered: December 2005
From: *

I have created and animated a few creatures in gmax which i'd like to kill or be killed by in Renegade. i haven't found any tutorials for adding animated creatures/enemies. Are there any out there?
 Topic: Reborn Texture Kit
Reborn Texture Kit [message #181178] Fri, 02 December 2005 17:11
Chronojam  is currently offline Chronojam  
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Registered: March 2003

As originally posted here: pic=7448

It's really quite good, and gives you everything you need and need to know (except for MS Paint and Photoshop) to generate Reborn-quality textures
 Topic: Disapearing clone meshes
Disapearing clone meshes [message #177916] Fri, 04 November 2005 21:04
bisen11  is currently offline bisen11  
Messages: 793
Registered: December 2004

From: *
In my map there are a few peices of terrain that don't appear in level edit. All of them seem to be clones of one thing or another (not sure if that's the reason). But In any case does anyone know how i could get these to appear in LE?

EDIT: Nvm, someone helped me.

[Updated on: Fri, 04 November 2005 21:34]
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