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 Topic: Unknown game.exe
Unknown game.exe [message #70374] Sun, 07 March 2004 01:18
mikkilla2  is currently offline mikkilla2  
Messages: 22
Registered: April 2003
When I try to run Djlaptops no cd patch, it says that game.exe is unknown...
 Topic: Whoa!
Whoa! [message #66200] Thu, 12 February 2004 13:33
MrBob  is currently offline MrBob  
Messages: 474
Registered: February 2003
Location: Virginia, USA

Look! You can ignore people in the forums now! Surprised

Hail Crimson! (or else!) Smile

God is the "0wnage". Plain and Simple.


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 Topic: OT: The 5th Avocado
OT: The 5th Avocado [message #65371] Fri, 06 February 2004 21:26
SuperFlyingEngi  is currently offline SuperFlyingEngi  
Messages: 1756
Registered: November 2003
General (1 Star)
I found a really great flash movie on the web [well, not found, my friend showed it to me] and it made me laugh way too hard not to post it here.

Have fun.

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 Topic: a question
a question [message #63642] Mon, 26 January 2004 08:50
Lord Vecna  is currently offline Lord Vecna  
Messages: 22
Registered: January 2004

How does the ladder's sistem point Work?
For Example if i leave a game i lost points?
If i got a negative ladder point (-3000) i'm over the ladder?

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Lord Kane
 Topic: New Forum
New Forum [message #62780] Tue, 20 January 2004 11:52
Messages: 640
Registered: February 2003
I have opened a new site and forum, its really just an off topic place but I'l be adding misc stuff and a nice flamewar forum, a place to let out what ever you want and will be unmoderated(Of course stuff that could get me in trouble will be taken out) -Main site -Forum
I will be in need of some moderators as well, so send me a PM.
 Topic: WOL Server Pings
WOL Server Pings [message #62347] Sat, 17 January 2004 05:08
Messages: 366
Registered: May 2003
I was wondering when you see the server ping times on the WOL listing does everyone see the same values ?

The reason I ask is that when I am hosting (dedicated). I usually get a ping in the top five (sorting by lowest ping).

However I don't always get the lowest ping, hence the pings can't be the actual pings from my desktop to the server, since my game is the other side of a switch and all the other servers are somewhere on the net.

So how does WW actually calculate the ping values?

When do these values get updated?

 Topic: Find Server
Find Server [message #62342] Sat, 17 January 2004 04:21
Lord Vecna  is currently offline Lord Vecna  
Messages: 22
Registered: January 2004

What is the most used program to find server?
I used Game Spy but that wasn't so good, i try also westwood online but my internet connection is too slow, now i'm using "the all seeing eye".


Anyone know better programs?
Thank you

"Who command the past, will conquer the future"

Lord Kane
 Topic: Ok 1 more question then im gone.
Ok 1 more question then im gone. [message #61325] Sat, 10 January 2004 07:12
Messages: 603
Registered: February 2003
Location: NY
When hosting a non dedi on renegade what should the net update rate be for:

a 2 player game

all the way up to a

16 player game
 Topic: Off Topic: On The border Salsa
Off Topic: On The border Salsa [message #60103] Thu, 01 January 2004 11:01
spreegem  is currently offline spreegem  
Messages: 1755
Registered: March 2003
Location: Ellington, CT
General (1 Star)

Yes, this is very off topic actually, but have any of you been to a Tex/Mex Restaurant caled On The Border before? I Really like it alot and love the free salsa and chips they give you, I have been searching for quite some time for the recipe for their salsa but with no luck Sad Then several weeks ago I came across some forums with a bunch of copy cat recipes, and posted a topic about it, no luck but then someone finally replied with the recipe, and this tastes exactly like the On The Border salsa, exactly like it. I felt as if I should share this recipe with everyone since it is so good, be warned it makes a lot.

On The Border Salsa
Spices and Vegetables Mixture . . .
Bell Pepper, Green (Finely Chopped) - 1/4
Bell Pepper, Red (Finely Chopped) - 1/4
Cilantro (Chopped FRESH) - 1/4 Cup (MUST BE FRESH, dried will not be the same)
Cumin - 1/4 Teaspoon
Garlic Clove, Large (Minced) - 1
Green Chili's Hot (Minced) - 1 (4 Ounce can)
Jalapeno Pepper (Minced) - 1
Lime Juice - 1/2 juice of a Lime
Onion, Small (Chopped very fine, I used my mini chopper for this) - 1
Salt - 1 Tablespoon

Chop all of this up very fine.

Tomato Combo . . .
Canned Tomatoes (Diced) - 2 (14.5 Ounce cans)
Roma Tomatoes - 2 Pounds

Boil about 3 quarts of water then place your tomatoes in and let them boil until their skins start to come off. This makes it super easy to peel them. The skins just slide right off, and they're slightly cooked this way. Strain the tomatoes in a colander then cut off the ends of them, and peel off the skins. Chop them up into 1/4" pieces or so.

Add to this 2 cans of DICED CANNED tomatoes, including juices.

Combine the tomato mixture with the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl, mix well. Blend to proper consistency based on how you like your salsa.

NOTE: Do not buy canned tomatoes with spices or anything added to them, just regular canned tomatoes, no fancy stuff!

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 Topic: C&C_Walls_Reloaded V3.1
C&C_Walls_Reloaded V3.1 [message #58769] Mon, 22 December 2003 08:19
Nightma12  is currently offline Nightma12  
Messages: 2592
Registered: August 2003
General (2 Stars)
Category Moderator
fixed the bug where the harvester got stuck on the turrets Very Happy
 Topic: Renegade Alert 0.992 Patch Updates
Renegade Alert 0.992 Patch Updates [message #58001] Mon, 15 December 2003 17:55
Aircraftkiller  is currently offline Aircraftkiller  
Messages: 8212
Registered: February 2003
General (5 Stars)

All relevant information is located there.
 Topic: Voice software
Voice software [message #56426] Sun, 30 November 2003 17:49
Ansley182  is currently offline Ansley182  
Messages: 3
Registered: November 2003
Is 'voice command' software used on many of the servers playing Renegade? I've been playing using just the text/standard commands and wasn't sure if others were using any type of live voice communications during games. I've seen some stuff about teamspeak but haven't installed it/didn't know if folks were using it.
If it is being used, have you found it useful or is there just a bunch of chatter going back and forth?
 Topic: Looking for a Torunament XO
Looking for a Torunament XO [message #55187] Sun, 16 November 2003 16:40
Robert  is currently offline Robert  
Messages: 10
Registered: November 2003
Location: Sydney, Australia

Hey Everyone 3-4 founders I know on the internet to name a few off , Nadesico , True Dark God. Are starting a website (place) called [AOGN] cant remember the name right now so dont ask. Though it is a community with a few hundred already lined up. To get to the Point ... I'am the Community's Tournament CO... I need help making up the point strucutre ect ect ...

Heres a Question I need someone to answer ...

How do you make a point system that will work and work effeictivly were its not outa this world for 100-400 people playing in tournaments to record scoring .. ???

Robert White
STCD-CC Forum Poster

Founder of the upcoming
-Wildfire Snipe Only Server-
 Topic: Memorial service for Lynne
Memorial service for Lynne [message #55113] Sat, 15 November 2003 13:21
Crimson  is currently offline Crimson  
Messages: 7418
Registered: February 2003
Location: Phoenix, AZ
General (5 Stars)
Yes this is short notice but I kinda forgot that not everyone reads The Pits forums.

I am hosting a memorial service for Lynne at 1PM Pacific. That's about 40 minutes from when I made this post. 4PM Eastern, 9pm GMT.

I'm hoping that people who want to say a few words about her will show up.

I love Blazer!
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 Topic: Dante your attention, please.
Dante your attention, please. [message #54959] Thu, 13 November 2003 18:38
destruktv  is currently offline destruktv  
Messages: 14
Registered: September 2003
I would just like to ask of you to check your email, given at the site please.
 Topic: Survey re:
Survey re: [message #54814] Tue, 11 November 2003 16:36
Crimson  is currently offline Crimson  
Messages: 7418
Registered: February 2003
Location: Phoenix, AZ
General (5 Stars)
Read the news on for details.

I love Blazer!
Phase One Multiplayer Beta Tester
 Topic: Quick question
Quick question [message #54632] Mon, 10 November 2003 11:28
DragonFg  is currently offline DragonFg  
Messages: 187
Registered: August 2003

Every now and then I'll hear something about an aimbot. I know from playing Renegade that there is bighead and final renegade which i guess is a damage mod. Is that all that's out there or is there an aimbot as well? I don't guess it really matters cus when bighead and final renegade are both used it creates about the same effect, I was just curious.

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 Topic: Converted Warpath Maps
Converted Warpath Maps [message #54470] Sun, 09 November 2003 08:37
Halo38  is currently offline Halo38  
Messages: 955
Registered: February 2003
Location: UK

Due to the ending of the Warpath mod because of the lose of lots of files I took the time to convert what work we had left to playable renegade maps.

C&C_Tobruk - This is the first map I ever made it's set on a beach around a central infantry only area where you can engage in a bit of trench warfare

C&C_Forgotten_Town - The second map I made, This map is set around a small wartorn dutch village

C&C_DM_Utah - This map is set on utah beach, in this insanely small DM the goal is to plant a beacon on the oppositions pedistal to win the game

C&C_Hybrid_Forest - Hybrid forest is set in a forest some where in europe due to the lack of warpath models i improvised with this. you will need the latest version of the scripts.dll for the stealth generators to work.

Credit goes to the whole team as not all creators of the models are accounted for

Get them here

Online Portfolio -

Renegade projects - Halo38's Den hosted by

Creator of : C&C_Arid, C&C_Ancients, C&C_Bio, C&C_Duel Arena

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 Topic: The Matrix Fan Fiction
The Matrix Fan Fiction [message #54023] Wed, 05 November 2003 18:15
TheGunrun  is currently offline TheGunrun  
Messages: 801
Registered: April 2003
Location: nj

Lets try to make up new storys to what happens after the revolution. Or any other Time in the matrix universe. I want to see if we can really make up a really good one.

Proud Creator of "Zero Hour Retarded" as seen on and

And Proud Creator of "C&C Retarded"
 Topic: Elite strats
Elite strats [message #53068] Tue, 28 October 2003 15:23
zerk  is currently offline zerk  
Messages: 101
Registered: June 2003
Elite Strategies has once again reopened. We are now a strategy only site for renegade, generals, and ZH. We are a portal site which uses the forum to relay strategies. Come and register and post a strategy daily, just one a day and soon we will be huge.

We are also looking at our active members to give out mod spots, be sure to come.


 Topic: Ladder
Ladder [message #52710] Sat, 25 October 2003 13:17
Motoxpro  is currently offline Motoxpro  
Messages: 21
Registered: October 2003
I was currently ranked 7113 Very Happy and now i got to find myranking on the page that is in renegade and it says i am no longer there...Sorry, No recods found for this user... so just wondering if i have to start over err something[/img]
 Topic: talks about gameplay problems/ideas
talks about gameplay problems/ideas [message #52046] Sun, 19 October 2003 16:20
loser99  is currently offline loser99  
Messages: 100
Registered: September 2003
I started up a site

Its just about designing and developing the gameplay aspect of games. If you like some of the things Renegade has to offer in terms of gameplay that other games dont have this would be the sort of thing we would discuss. How to improve games, and create new ones.

Please post on the board im trying to get the site a little more active. If you want to help out with the site please email
 Topic: C&C Divergence Release
C&C Divergence Release [message #50829] Wed, 08 October 2003 19:07
Cpo64  is currently offline Cpo64  
Messages: 1246
Registered: February 2003
Location: Powell River, B.C. Canada
General (1 Star)

Theatre: Small Temperate Valley
Time: 00:00
Description: A Standard C&C mode map. Both bases have a large wall, which is assessable via ladders. Each base has only one way in, and one way out. A riser on the western side will allow you to access the large rock in the center. This map is very dark, with some large clumps of brush. It should be easy to sneak up to the enemys base, but getting will not be so easy.

Description: Red skys at night, sailors delight :twisted:

See more here!

Download at:
(Download soon avaible on

 Topic: Need a clan/personal web site?
Need a clan/personal web site? [message #50695] Tue, 07 October 2003 18:56
host-station  is currently offline host-station  
Messages: 7
Registered: October 2003
Location: England

Hey guys

Im from host a few clans/personal sites over there and wounderd if any of you would like the same service.Check us out @ or add to your msn for more info.We are currently offering a 7 day free trial with 100mb of space and 2gb of bandwith to our renegade customers.

 Topic: fds code
fds code [message #49949] Tue, 30 September 2003 12:14
jestersht  is currently offline jestersht  
Messages: 51
Registered: March 2003
Location: owen sound, ontario
i need a fds code if anyone can help
i have been wiating for awhile now and havent got one from wol
and have heard that they are not giving them out anymore
so if anyone can help me i would appreciate it thanks
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