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 Topic: Mod Pack
Mod Pack [message #262605] Sat, 02 June 2007 07:09
Zodiaus  is currently offline Zodiaus  
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Registered: February 2007
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Ive recently modded the original renmaps for a server. But when i tested them flamers and flame troopers where able to kill the enemy buildings with ease. Can anyone tell me the reason for this and can you add walls and the maps will still be server-side?

[Updated on: Sat, 02 June 2007 07:10]

 Topic: Major Wierd Error
Major Wierd Error [message #262154] Thu, 31 May 2007 03:47
_SSnipe_  is currently offline _SSnipe_  
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Location: Riverside Southern Califo...
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From: *
ok when i was editing map field by doing what reborn told me about using that XCC mixer thing to delete those 2 files and replace them with the ones i make when saving my level edit file but i wanted to try to make it my own version so i added these new models of stuff by click temp and add them to temp tiles and adding the files into my map also using XCC mixer so that the .mix file and the other 2 files (C&C_Field.lsd & C&C_Field.ldd) so i saved it as my own map and renamed it...........ok after i just changed my mind so i deleted the temp tile files and the w3d files form the .mix and deleted them off my map and re saved it (C&C_Field.lsd & C&C_Field.ldd) and placed them in a whole new C&C_Field.mix i had as a back up but when i loaded up my server i still saw the w3d models i added in after i deleted all of them and so i did this process over and over and over deleting so now i got basic default objects file default map that i re-added C&C_Field.lsd & C&C_Field.ldd) into it without the temp tiles and everything i added myself i deleted of my lvl file and yet i till see those things in my serv but no one else does also i put a backup C&C_filed.mix into my ren dir and server dir and yet no chance
so pretty much i keep the ;v; file i have after deleting what i added and everything else is default and i even made a whole new project and just used same lvl file but nothing i would just redo the map but i did wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much work on some parts to re do stuff that took me hours and hours Sad help me?
here are some ss of what i added and deleted and what i see and others dont

 Topic: Delete this please. :P
Delete this please. :P [message #260426] Wed, 23 May 2007 14:51
IronWarrior  is currently offline IronWarrior  
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Location: England UK
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From: *
Never mind.

Delete this please. Thumbs Up

[Updated on: Wed, 23 May 2007 15:16]

 Topic: IRC channel
IRC channel [message #257605] Sun, 06 May 2007 15:40
jamiejrg  is currently offline jamiejrg  
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Registered: February 2007
Location: Canada
From: *
We should make an IRC channel dedicated to mod help. Where people can come on and ask quick questions instead of using the board.

Just a thought,

cncnick13 wrote on Fri, 24 August 2007 23:39

ok im using my dektop right now

cncnick13 wrote on Sun, 26 August 2007 00:04

umm whats the edit button
 Topic: Help with a skin
Help with a skin [message #254246] Mon, 16 April 2007 07:50
AoBfrost  is currently offline AoBfrost  
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Registered: March 2007
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From: *
Hey, i recolored sydneys blue jacket to red and added a nod logo to it, i was wondering if anyone could help me though on the photoshop dds part, my only pc with photoshop is being repaired due to a chipset faliure on the motherboard, so i cannot finish the skin, anyone that has photoshop can help if they want to, thanks.
Scrin wrote on Fri, 05 October 2007 12:19

''whoa im the photoshop''

 Topic: Still Crashing!
Still Crashing! [message #253851] Fri, 13 April 2007 07:20
Burn  is currently offline Burn  
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Registered: November 2004
From: *
Hey guys, I made a topic about this about 5 months ago and never prevailed. On this new map I made, it works perfectially in single player but in multiplayer the client will enter the game, see a black screen for a few seconds with "Gameplay Pending," and then it will just send them to their desktop.

I still never found a solution to this problem and I was just bringing it back up in case if in the 5 months someone else exerienced the same problem and fixed it and could offer me a solution.

There's more information at this link: =crash#msg_232682

It's still an absolutley fantastic map (in my opinion and in many other's) and I'd be more than willing to share it with everyone if we can just get it to work!

Thanks again,

 Topic: JFW_Teleport_Custom_Random
JFW_Teleport_Custom_Random [message #253148] Sat, 07 April 2007 21:47
Brandon  is currently offline Brandon  
Messages: 282
Registered: August 2006
Location: United States

From: *
Ok, I'm asking a simple favor. Could someone explain to me, in detail, what I should enter for the Object_ID's and Custom in order to make a teleporter teleport to 5 random locations? I know how to do the location parameter but don't understand what to enter for the Custom value, what to enter for the Object_ID, and why? Could someone explain what I should enter and what it means/does? Dont Get It

EDIT: Isn't Object_ID the same as ID? If so then someone just tell me so I know (no explanation needed). I am starting to understand custom scripts and how they work now, but I could use a push in the right direction, this'll be the first custom script I ever actually use.

[Updated on: Sat, 07 April 2007 22:11]

 Topic: Recruiting for Mod Team
Recruiting for Mod Team [message #250207] Sat, 17 March 2007 05:58
crazfulla  is currently offline crazfulla  
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Location: Aotearoa

From: *
The Renegade 1942 Mod is now recruiting!
Renegade 1942

A full list of positions which need to be filled; along with
info on how to apply; can be found on the R1942 forum.
Thankyou in advance to all who express thier interest.

"GEoDLeto wrote:"

so what you are saying it is gonna take even longer before this thing is finished
So the topic title should be changed to: a sucky little "teaser" from C&C Reborn has been released

"halo2pac wrote:"

Unless they are girls, I am not going to bone them.
 Topic: CCTF plugin
CCTF plugin [message #249681] Tue, 13 March 2007 13:54
alcossebr  is currently offline alcossebr  
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Registered: March 2007
From: *
hi guys where can i find the CCTF plugin to add to my server? thnx

 Topic: 3Ds Max 9 W3d Exporter/importer
3Ds Max 9 W3d Exporter/importer [message #249561] Mon, 12 March 2007 19:58
Gen_Blacky  is currently offline Gen_Blacky  
Messages: 3241
Registered: September 2006
General (3 Stars)
From: *
3ds max 9 gonna have a working w3d Exporter/importer any time soon? does any one know
 Topic: WIP C&C_aspiltvilliage
WIP C&C_aspiltvilliage [message #249548] Mon, 12 March 2007 18:33
Tankkiller  is currently offline Tankkiller  
Messages: 192
Registered: February 2006
Location: Oklahoma, OK!
From: *
Yes, I'm finally cracking down in Renx as I speak. I'm posting no pictures, but I'm giving the details of it.

tankkiller on previous topic

I have the same basic concept in the map i'm making. Rocketeers replace the shotgunners (rocket officers/gunners have little stronger ones.) The rocket launcher also gets a high medium homming ablity. The grenades now have wider splash damadge. The flamethrower gets a slightly stronger flamethrower.

The repair gun only heals buildings, infantry depens on the refill, and vechs can only repair at the repair pad. The minigun gets more power, but now has a 30 round clip (same applys to laser rifle and tiberium fettee gun, but get a 50 round clip.) The sniper rifles are now useless agaist aircraft. The ramjet gets a longer reload.

All aircraft now has fuel. You must refuel at the helipad, or that craft will just fall and blow up, killing you. You get 15 minutes of fuel. If this happens you can escape your uncertain fait by exiting the air craft, a parashot will deploy, sparing your life.

More detials!
This a circllaur map like C&C_mesa, It now has destroible base walls and AI civials fighting each other! One side of the river fights the other and players! The bridge is even destroible!

Thats about and more. But here is a great question, how do you do a texture effect that looks like flowing water?


 Topic: Kills On CTF
Kills On CTF [message #248182] Sun, 04 March 2007 16:32
SeargentSarg  is currently offline SeargentSarg  
Messages: 478
Registered: November 2006
From: *

I have been running SSCTF with the Crazy CTF addon, and I have noticed there aren't any kills.

How can I add Kill Messages too it?

RenCorner.NET - Multi-Gaming Community
 Topic: SSCTF
SSCTF [message #247952] Sat, 03 March 2007 12:57
HORQWER  is currently offline HORQWER  
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Registered: September 2006
Location: Under my bed (lolz)

From: *
Hi, do you guys know where is can downlaod renegade SSCTF with is moded and good Rocked Over
 Topic: crazy ctf modding help
crazy ctf modding help [message #247186] Tue, 27 February 2007 01:36
hurricane  is currently offline hurricane  
Messages: 23
Registered: October 2006
From: *
hey if modded in Le the presets and i did i good but when i put the objects in my FDS server and when the ppl are in it they oinly got a sniper when the are a soldier but when the are a engineer they dont got obi guns and thats strange
i also tested my objects in multiplayer practice and if i buy a engineer then i got the obi gun and i dont know why it is not working on my FDS capture the flag server
(yes i got the ctf)

you can contact me on
msn :

greetz hurricane
 Topic: Going to sound really stupid, BUT
Going to sound really stupid, BUT [message #247163] Mon, 26 February 2007 22:29
JasonKnight  is currently offline JasonKnight  
Messages: 117
Registered: September 2006
From: *
The weapon in the objects.ddb that is listed as Ultimate_Weapon

I want to make it able to be picked up, but only have 1 shot. can be refilled, but only be able to hold 1 shot. how do I make that happen.

I know how to make it be picked up, but anyother modifications i try like changing amount of ammo and sounds dont work.

anyhelp woudl be nice.
 Topic: Infantry Map Terrain Ideas
Infantry Map Terrain Ideas [message #247014] Mon, 26 February 2007 07:38
Gen_Blacky  is currently offline Gen_Blacky  
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Registered: September 2006
General (3 Stars)
From: *
Any one have a good idea for the terrain on a small infantry map
 Topic: CnC Reborn Dev. Blog :: 02/18/07
CnC Reborn Dev. Blog :: 02/18/07 [message #246449] Thu, 22 February 2007 21:22
Messages: 1448
Registered: November 2003
Location: Ohio
General (1 Star)

From: *
Our latest blog was put up on the 18th, you can check it out Here!

[Updated on: Thu, 22 February 2007 21:24]
 Topic: Disable pickup script.
Disable pickup script. [message #244816] Sun, 11 February 2007 06:49
Messages: 1070
Registered: March 2006
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From: *
I am busy making some advanced spawners for renegade with special weapon grants, but I want to add some powerups that double health, and I don't want people to be able to pick them up multiple times.
How can I make the spawner that way, so they can only pick it up once. I also tried including a weapon with inf ammo, but it still keeps picking up the other weapons. Is there a script that disables multiple pickups? If so, please tell me the preset.
 Topic: DM Map Idea
DM Map Idea [message #243481] Mon, 05 February 2007 11:23
Theboom69  is currently offline Theboom69  
Messages: 222
Registered: August 2006
From: *

Distrbd21 is me btw.

[Updated on: Mon, 05 February 2007 11:24]

 Topic: mod vehicles
icon1.gif  mod vehicles [message #239047] Sat, 13 January 2007 20:21
hoooraah  is currently offline hoooraah  
Messages: 1
Registered: January 2007
From: *
i can make the shells of the vehiclkes in gmax all i need is some people to come forward and list their strengths like meshs or sounds and we can pass the file along and complete it in like an assembly line

im working on an F-22A Raptor

and a chinook with a gun on the side and some rapelling ropes.
 Topic: help
icon10.gif  help [message #235190] Wed, 20 December 2006 23:40
devilbic4  is currently offline devilbic4  
Messages: 1
Registered: December 2006
Location: lakewood, CO
From: *
hi im new 2 this mod thing
so can ne one help me like get started
cause im trying 2 become a host
but i need help Big Grin
 Topic: Does anyone know about obboxclass?
Does anyone know about obboxclass? [message #234594] Sun, 17 December 2006 03:37
jonwil  is currently offline jonwil  
Messages: 3543
Registered: February 2003
General (3 Stars)

From: *
Does anyone know about obboxclass, specifically as it applies to the Set_Zone_Box engine call?
I am trying to come up with a script to resize a script zone at runtime but I cant work out how the numbers in the obboxclass actually work Sad

Jonathan Wilson aka Jonwil
Creator and Lead Coder of the Custom scripts.dll
Renegade Engine Guru
Creator and Lead Coder of TT.DLL
Official member of Tiberian Technologies
 Topic: Red Alert: A Path Beyond - Reminder about Official server maps
Red Alert: A Path Beyond - Reminder about Official server maps [message #232202] Mon, 27 November 2006 18:35
Category 5 Hurricane  is currently offline Category 5 Hurricane  
Messages: 3
Registered: June 2006
Location: Chippewa Falls, WI

From: *
I need to remind everyone that the official server is running fan-made maps that were not released with .9935, and if you don't have them you will be ejected from the server when one of those maps come up. If you ever find yourself kicked out instantly before a map starts, you don't have that map.

You can grab all the maps you need at ModDB.

Map Pack A
Fan Map Pack 1 - Still authorizing at press time.

Note that some of these fan maps are now old and have since undergone conversion into official maps, such as Seamist.
 Topic: Testing...1...2
Testing...1...2 [message #228738] Mon, 30 October 2006 14:37
Category 5 Hurricane  is currently offline Category 5 Hurricane  
Messages: 3
Registered: June 2006
Location: Chippewa Falls, WI

From: *
The Official Gamesever has returned

The officially-endorsed Conflict Arenas server has returned, with the new updates, including a prototype warning system and other functionality to allow both players and moderators the ability to keep the gameplay fair and be able to respond to situations in a more efficient manner. The rankings have been reset along with these changes.

Good things are on the way

By the way, Coolair reports that the APB-ready Brenbot is nearing completion after a while of hard work and testing alongside Dan. And as always, the variety of secret things I wish I could confidently tell you about have been progressing smoothly; hopefully soon we'll have some really good news, but I'd hate to make an announcement for something that might not pan out.

I'll make it clear however that we'll probably have more maps at 994's release than we planned for and originally said, and a very special one released (hopefully) shortly thereafter should incorporate some impressive new gameplay possibilities. Would've saved this all for the next dev blog (which we are doing each Wednesday) but hey, why make you wait? Extra maps that will hopefully be included will be remixes of some of the classic maps from the old days, as in additional to the nostalgia factor, there has always been an interest in resurrecting or remaking them among community members.

If the extra content doesn't make the cut, it can always be provided as an additional download after the fact, remember. Although, due to the planned inclusion of new buildings post-994, you'll likely end up with these maps at some point down the road anyways, and that's not barring heavy changes to the base layouts.

Balance Testing

Right now we are doing testing on changes having to do with the Hind and Longbow that should hopefully open up more strategies for use on maps with helicopters. We're also still playing around with the hero units Tanya and Volkov, Flame and Shock damage on walls, and the possible reintroduction of the Phase Transport. All of these things need lots and lots of testing. Which leads to this last part:

Who wants to help us test all these changes?
If you're interested in helping the project out but can't texture to save your own life, drop Chronojam a line on the forums. We would like to conduct some larger-than-usual internal testing sessions before .994 is released so that we can properly judge the balance changes we've made. Even if you don't think you're that good, let us know if you're interested! We need players of all skill levels to make proper analysis of these changes. These would be temporary testing positions but some testers will be retained after 994's testing to participate in future content/version review.
 Topic: Request!
Request! [message #227656] Sun, 22 October 2006 07:33
Messages: 1070
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From: *
I don't know if people know it, but I work with the 3d program Cinema 4D 9. I found out how to import renegade models into Cinema 4d via 3ds max. I import the models in 3ds max, export them as .3ds and merge them in Cinema 4d. But I think it would be much more handy if you could make a W3D Import and Export plugin for Cinema 4d. If you can do it. I would be happy!
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