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 Topic: Paintball Mod
Paintball Mod [message #115917] Tue, 21 September 2004 15:20
glyde51  is currently offline glyde51  
Messages: 1827
Registered: August 2004
Location: Winnipeg
General (1 Star)

I was looking for the place to download the PAINTBALL MOD! I can't find it, because is not working. Can someone tell me where to download this?

No. Seriously. No.
 Topic: Fryin' Pan Boink
Fryin' Pan Boink [message #115432] Sun, 19 September 2004 06:09
SickOptometrist  is currently offline SickOptometrist  
Messages: 314
Registered: April 2004
Y'all gotta try this boink - it sounds great in game, funny & something very Pavlovian about it... Wink
 Topic: Some basic Renegade tutorials for editing fonts & sounds
Some basic Renegade tutorials for editing fonts & sounds [message #115431] Sun, 19 September 2004 05:57
SickOptometrist  is currently offline SickOptometrist  
Messages: 314
Registered: April 2004
In-game font editing tutorial-

In-game sound mods-

We are re-designing our clan site - your critiques or praises are welcome. Thanks.
BTW, icedog - reticles will be posted soon there as well...
 Topic: IntercLAN III [Feb. 2005 - Holland] - Renegade, CoD & mo
IntercLAN III [Feb. 2005 - Holland] - Renegade, CoD & mo [message #113322] Mon, 06 September 2004 07:25
jointzzzz  is currently offline jointzzzz  
Messages: 12
Registered: October 2003
Time to show your skillz again. Febr. 2005 in Capelle ad IJssel, Holland, IntercLAN III will take place. It's a weekend with LAN gaming and nice competitions ! Among the competitions will be a Renegade 3on3 and CoD compo. Sleeping places are available.

Check out

 Topic: Virus scanner problem
Virus scanner problem [message #103490] Fri, 23 July 2004 07:49
Scythar  is currently offline Scythar  
Messages: 580
Registered: February 2003
Location: Finland

So, a few months ago I started suffering from this really annoying problem with my McAfee virus scanner. The Guardian program keeps scanning something whenever I play Renegade online. (No problems in LAN). Does anyone know a spesific file which might be causing the problem, so I could add it to the exclusions? My FPS keeps dropping below 10 frequently if I don't disable the scanner, but it's a pain to switch it on and off every time I play.

There's a hole in the sky through which things can fly.
 Topic: Anyone know any Renegade servers from NZ and Aus?
Anyone know any Renegade servers from NZ and Aus? [message #100949] Sun, 11 July 2004 19:51
px4545454  is currently offline px4545454  
Messages: 7
Registered: June 2004
Location: NZ

If any one knows any Renegade servers from New Zealand and Australia.

please tell me. I need lower ping Exclamation Exclamation

 Topic: Hello everybody!
Hello everybody! [message #100232] Wed, 07 July 2004 13:25
dead7re  is currently offline dead7re  
Messages: 2
Registered: July 2004
Hello everybody.

Hello Bodders, are you there.[/url]
 Topic: OT: Any Linux coders here?
OT: Any Linux coders here? [message #98192] Tue, 29 June 2004 13:21
Xtrm2Matt  is currently offline Xtrm2Matt  
Messages: 1318
Registered: February 2003
Location: England, UK
General (1 Star)

Sorry to post this here as well, just need to see if anyone can here help. ||
 Topic: BRenBot Help!
BRenBot Help! [message #95875] Thu, 17 June 2004 20:11
afrog2  is currently offline afrog2  
Messages: 15
Registered: June 2004

I was told by snipesimo on mirc that if i could get some 1 to right a script for my RenAlert server. I have renstat but i have no website and i was wondering if i could get a script for !rank. BRenBot has !rank not built in but i was t9old i could get it to get the persons server rank from mirc. is it true? can some 1 PLEASE help me with this and probily right it?
 Topic: OT: Windows System Management Server
OT: Windows System Management Server [message #95819] Thu, 17 June 2004 14:46
Phoenix - Aeon  is currently offline Phoenix - Aeon  
Messages: 221
Registered: April 2004
Completely off topic, but there are a lot of techie people here so....

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the SMS 2003 SP1 beta, or more specifically how to get it to run on the internet. We're using Satcom for download and 512/256 ADSL for upload. The central servers are running Windows server 2003 Enterprise edition and the computers we're trying to connect to are using Windows XP Professional. Also this will have to go through dual Cisco 1024 pix firewalls. I can't imagine this will get a good response but any help would be appreciated.
 Topic: Meh
Meh [message #94827] Sat, 12 June 2004 12:35
Messages: 2459
Registered: July 2003
General (2 Stars)
I just found the soundtrack cds that come when you bought redalert2 from best buy i think so if anybody wants music from any cd's that come with it except for tibsun one (lost it) ask me...
 Topic: [WnC] Midweek Madness - Renegade Tournament
[WnC] Midweek Madness - Renegade Tournament [message #94357] Thu, 10 June 2004 21:33
HolyD3vil  is currently offline HolyD3vil  
Messages: 7
Registered: June 2004
Location: United Kingdom

Hey all. Just thought I would let you all know of our tournament. Basically just posting on here so you can keep an eye on who wins Wink

We have 10 clans in the tournament:



Read here to get a better understanding of how midweek madness works.

Clans who are signed up for this tournament will play once a week. Every wednesday in fact. As this is mid-week! The clans will organise a time on wednesday to play their game with the clan they are scheduled to play.

You can play any time on wednesday as the WnC Server is free all day and moderators will be on around the clock for when you do decide to play. If 2 matches conflict with one another then LaDront has kindly said he could host a server also for this event.

The map you will be playing each wednesday will be shown on the scheduling page on this site. You will play the map twice against the clan. One time you are NOD on the map and the other you are GDI.

You wont know which clan you play on which map until it is shown in the schedule. So some clans may be better on some than others.

May I also point out that RenGuard will be running on the server, whether it is pure mode or not is to be established. We have respected clans in the tournament so I dont think their will be cheating, but just as a precaution.

Each clan is to have 5 elite clan members representing their clan. And have 2 on reserve for every game just if a member isn't able to make it at the last minute. Fail to show up all together as a clan without notifying the moderators will result in -1 points from your score on the ladder system.

BRenBot will be on the server so we can moderate through IRC. All other modules on BR will be disabled and message/s etc will be removed to prevent interuption. 2 moderators will be watching through IRC to see all what people say in-game. And monitor the scores etc. 2 moderators will be in-game standing on the pedestal, 1 on each team. To monitor the K/D and so on. If you accidently kill them thats fine, but be aware their there for a reason and not to point whore off.

After the game has finished. Screenshots must be taken by both commanders of the clan's teams. And by moderators in-game and sent to

After the game has ended, all 4 moderators will look at the statistics of the players and decide on their own a player from each team to be nominated. The person with the most nominations at the end of the tournament will earn them money. Moderators must not discuss nominations and must do it of their own accord. And again send their nominations to

5 maps

Protected Base Maps:

Unprotected Base Maps:

Clans: 10/10


Moderators - 1.)HolyD3vil
2 mods will be on IRC watching over the game

Teams After you have discussed this with your clan and decided who your 5 elite members and reservers you are having please send an e-mail to with that list. If people are unable to make certain days you must notify us of who is replacing them in good time.

Win: 3 points
Loss: 0 points
Fail to show up: -2 points

RenGuard - active
I am going to activate RenGuard on the server, it should be in pure mode. But i know if it is then people can not have reticles etc. For me, I dont have the original reticle, I have the reticle out of the Fubar pack. So it will most likely not be in pure-mode, but please download renguard, as it has a tendancy to kick if they aint got it ^^

The Winner will be decided by the clan at the end of the tournament who has the most points. If their is a draw, both clans will have another match until the best clan wins.


I am willing to give £100 to the winning clan. They will then provide details either to send the money in the post. Or by depositing the money into their bank accounts. We would like it if the clan leader/s would use the money to benefit the clan. Or can share the money between members of the clan. If the home clan wins the tournament the money will go straight to the runners up.

Their will also be a player ladder. Every game, moderators will nominate a member from each clan participating. So 1 game, 2 teams, 1 member nominated from each team. Nominations must be considered after the game has ended based on player performance and teamwork. Moderators are not allowed to discuss their choices. And they will send an e-mail to with their nominations and the most nominations at the end of the event will result in that member earning themselves £20 - not much but they can do what they like with the money.

We are a new clan. Got some great members.

Apophis37 - Former *Baja* Member

hammerh0 - Former TD-RP Member

HolyD3vil - Former KOSs & Baja Member

Jager852 - Former *Baja* Member

Frazsnipe - Former Clan "None"

TrIsHoT - Former KOSs Member

Nodsfury1 - Former Baja Member

Snip3chav - Former SoQ Member

cdl2488 - Former Clan "None"

Our clan url is:

Midweek Madness : Official Forum is:

For you to keep updated with the ladder visit:

Tournament Starts Next Wednesday, wish all the clan luck and hope it goes well.

[WnC] Administrator
 Topic: Npsmith (Renbudlist)
Npsmith (Renbudlist) [message #92894] Sat, 05 June 2004 19:33
Imdgr8one  is currently offline Imdgr8one  
Messages: 874
Registered: February 2003
Location: Nebraska

I'd like to do this through PM, but I think that I'm nto the only person ahving this problem.

Whenever I use renbudlist, after around a good 2 or 3 minutes I get a protocal warning. Is there anyway to fix this? I use this everyday and I am extremely sick of having to turn it on over and over.


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[BBF] Imdgr8one, check out the BBF server on WOL!
 Topic: A google of fun
A google of fun [message #91966] Wed, 02 June 2004 18:40
TheGunrun  is currently offline TheGunrun  
Messages: 801
Registered: April 2003
Location: nj

Greatways to have fun with google. Any one else know of any other sites that use google in ways like that?
Very Happy

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And Proud Creator of "C&C Retarded"
 Topic: New Jtek snipe server site
New Jtek snipe server site [message #91035] Sun, 30 May 2004 03:30
jsnrkd  is currently offline jsnrkd  
Messages: 22
Registered: June 2003
started this site yesterday, looks alright .-
 Topic: AOW Servers: Enjoy
AOW Servers: Enjoy [message #90919] Sat, 29 May 2004 18:30
quikboy6  is currently offline quikboy6  
Messages: 39
Registered: May 2004
Location: California
 Topic: If you have trouble getting the nickname register page..
If you have trouble getting the nickname register page.. [message #89670] Mon, 24 May 2004 06:21
flyingfox  is currently offline flyingfox  
Messages: 1612
Registered: February 2003
Location: scotland, uk
General (1 Star)

..use the Register.exe in your Renegade folder, the one with the W icon on a blue circle. Alternatively, use this (it's the same thing),

This way, you get a quick nick & don't have to go through the trouble of typing all sorts of other details in. Also, you won't get an activation e-mail but it doesn't matter. Your nickname will still work.

 Topic: Blackhand Studios Releases FDS Exploit Patch
Blackhand Studios Releases FDS Exploit Patch [message #85114] Mon, 03 May 2004 01:50
Blazer  is currently offline Blazer  
Messages: 3321
Registered: February 2003
Location: Phoenix, AZ
General (3 Stars)
 Topic: !WOL's Back UP!
!WOL's Back UP! [message #82104] Wed, 21 April 2004 10:16
RGade04  is currently offline RGade04  
Messages: 2
Registered: February 2004
WOL's Back Online (ATM) Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation (ladder too)

Come And Play RENEGADE! (if you remember how) Smile
 Topic: n00bs1 up on GSA
n00bs1 up on GSA [message #81788] Mon, 19 April 2004 21:14
MATTHEW80  is currently offline MATTHEW80  
Messages: 7
Registered: April 2004
Come and play,

And pray for the safe return of WOL at somepoint

 Topic: A bit of perspective...
A bit of perspective... [message #81622] Mon, 19 April 2004 09:45
KIRBY098  is currently offline KIRBY098  
Messages: 1546
Registered: February 2003
General (1 Star)
Check out the photo galleries here. Fascinating stuff, and it helps realign priorities.

 Topic: Israel Spys on America
Israel Spys on America [message #77644] Fri, 09 April 2004 11:37
xptek_disabled  is currently offline xptek_disabled  
Messages: 1308
Registered: September 2003
General (1 Star)

Local - A Scrumfy free IRC.
Jonwil > SK
 Topic: OT: I Love Death Flash Movie
OT: I Love Death Flash Movie [message #75975] Sun, 04 April 2004 16:39
cheesesoda  is currently offline cheesesoda  
Messages: 6506
Registered: March 2003
Location: Jackson, Michigan
General (5 Stars)

Doesn't life just feel like this sometimes?

(Long loading time for 56K)

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 Topic: +CE+ Clan Server
+CE+ Clan Server [message #74945] Tue, 30 March 2004 20:17
spoonyrat  is currently offline spoonyrat  
Messages: 406
Registered: December 2003
Location: England

I've acquired a 20 player dedicated server - CEserv1 (US servers). It will primarily be hosted for clan games, any clans are welcome to use it if my clan isn't. (Password: lies)
Most of the WOL maps are in the rotation except Hourglass cos it sucks.

However if a CE player pages you in-game, then kindly finish the game you're in, then leave so we can use the server.

If it's a slow day for clanners, I may occasionally switch it to an open AOW public server

 Topic: now i have a map editor but none of the applications will...
now i have a map editor but none of the applications will... [message #74618] Mon, 29 March 2004 13:23
ccprosc  is currently offline ccprosc  
Messages: 6
Registered: March 2004
(leaves off from title) open when i click on them. i have already instaled them and they all say either renegade editor has encountered a problem and needs to close or internal error. what do i do?
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