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 Topic: need help modding
need help modding [message #301815] Sat, 08 December 2007 09:43
medmech12  is currently offline medmech12  
Messages: 32
Registered: December 2007
From: *
Does anyone knoq how to apply a script to a soldier so that it can do all the stuff the mutant raveshaw does such as lifting up soldiers and throwing them around like toys
 Topic: Innate Player
Innate Player [message #300948] Tue, 04 December 2007 10:16
The Elite Officer  is currently offline The Elite Officer  
Messages: 602
Registered: September 2007
Location: Chapel Hill, North Caroli...
From: 198.86.93*
I noticed that when you take the spawner and add the Innate, it will auto walk to the enemy and you can shoot at them. This will shoot at the enemy and walk towars it so cool! It like cool! But I was wondering if there was a script that would make a player controlled AI bot?

The reason Uranus is tilted 90 degrees is because god got angry and kicked it over.....
 Topic: Renegade Resurrection 1.0 alpha test
Renegade Resurrection 1.0 alpha test [message #300047] Fri, 30 November 2007 07:01
Yrr  is currently offline Yrr  
Messages: 556
Registered: October 2006
Location: Germany

From: *
Hello together!

I'm working hard on Renegade Resurrection and completely rewrote the source code. It will still take much time to release 1.0 and I offer you to participate in the alpha test. You can track development and stay up-to-date by using the new AutoUpdate feature.

If you don't yet know Renegade Resurrection, you can find a list of previously implemented features and bugfixes here.

New changes are for example:
  • The source code and RR netcode was rewritten completely.
  • AutoUpdate for windows client and server (the server does still need user interaction to accept the update, this will be fixed before release)
  • FireRate cheat detection (does still but rarely cause false positives through lag - I'm working on it) (so long, the detection does not kick any players and does not affect gameplay. it simply outputs the detection to console)
  • bugfixes: obelisk walk (server side), purchase terminal bug after connection loss (client side), maps can now be added without having to restart, ...
  • for modders: if you enable revivable buildings in configuration, buildings will not go below 0.5 hp for non-RR clients, so that you can revive the building server-side by attaching the RR_ReviveBuilding script:
    Commands->Attach_Script (building, "RR_ReviveBuilding");

  • (detailed changelog follows)
  • (other features follow)

Info: The spectator mode is not yet available.

Submit bugs and suggestions to Resurrection Forums.


A public server using latest RR 1.0 alpha:
- Renegade Community Marathon
- Game address:
- GameSpy/ASE address:


[Updated on: Fri, 30 November 2007 07:16]


Creator of...
Resurrection, a Command & Conquer: Renegade Modification
LevelRedit, a .mix to .lvl converter
 Topic: Preconfigured AI Bots & Spawners
Preconfigured AI Bots & Spawners [message #293622] Mon, 29 October 2007 17:30
Brandon  is currently offline Brandon  
Messages: 282
Registered: August 2006
Location: United States

From: *
This is still a beta and won't be updated until my PC gets fixed so that I may resume my work. If you want to get on with making co-ops then here's an easy way out of setting up everything.

Read the topic and readme for more information on how to use it.
icon4.gif  URGENT:PLEASE HELP [message #291563] Fri, 19 October 2007 16:06
Messages: 331
Registered: September 2007
From: *
Okay right, i exported a W3dFile(Door) from RenX and loaded the mod package i exported it to and as i 2x clicked it's name in LE is crashed! "LevelEDIT MFC Application has encounted an erro and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience"
It can't find this folder or directory apparently according to the error report, how do i fix this people!?
 Topic: Rotating objects on an Axis in LE
Rotating objects on an Axis in LE [message #289807] Thu, 11 October 2007 03:33
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
Messages: 1458
Registered: August 2006
Location: Australia, Sydney
General (1 Star)
From: *
I have noticed in Le if you have two objects, one with the z90 restriction on and the other off, you can move them around strange axises.
Any comments on how to predict this use?

P.S. If you get rid of the z90 restriction on terrain in le(all meshes), and rotate all the meshes at once you can get some strange results.

A proud user of Renegade with TT on Linux, unemulated thanks to the Wine project
WOL: Veyrdite Previously: Dthdealer ( a long time ago )
 Topic: a quick question
a quick question [message #286476] Tue, 25 September 2007 22:49
Dreganius  is currently offline Dreganius  
Messages: 780
Registered: April 2007
Location: Melbourne, Australia

From: *
whats the texture names for the Railgun?

Heresy grows from idleness!
 Topic: Make Screen Blend Brighter
Make Screen Blend Brighter [message #285803] Sat, 22 September 2007 22:08
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
Messages: 1458
Registered: August 2006
Location: Australia, Sydney
General (1 Star)
From: *
By memory you can't adjust the transparency of The Screen Blend, but in RenX under material options can you edit one of the lighting properties so light makes it darker/less transparent?

[Updated on: Sat, 22 September 2007 22:09]

A proud user of Renegade with TT on Linux, unemulated thanks to the Wine project
WOL: Veyrdite Previously: Dthdealer ( a long time ago )
 Topic: Level Editor Help Plz
Level Editor Help Plz [message #282058] Sun, 02 September 2007 12:21
ukrose  is currently offline ukrose  
Messages: 5
Registered: September 2007
From: *
I use Renegade Public Tools / Level Editor

i have made a mod package . saved it to renegade/data as a PKG.file . run renegade it can find the mod package but not the map.

can anyone help me plz ?
 Topic: Kill Buildings
Kill Buildings [message #281502] Wed, 29 August 2007 11:40
mrãçķz  is currently offline mrãçķz  
Messages: 3069
Registered: August 2007
General (3 Stars)
Permabanned for trying and failing DDoS
From: *
Hey guys i found out how to make buildings work. If u press K it says My building is there and has full health ... but how can i kill the structure? i tryed to put powerplant working on M03 it says a powerplant is there but i cant target it and kill it.How can i make this builing targetable and destroyable?
 Topic: If you are having problems compiling the scripts.dll, post here
If you are having problems compiling the scripts.dll, post here [message #279190] Wed, 15 August 2007 04:14
jonwil  is currently offline jonwil  
Messages: 3543
Registered: February 2003
General (3 Stars)

From: *
If you are having any problems compiling the scripts.dll, post here.

I am only going to give support for compiling scripts.dll compiles based off 3.4.x, no earlier versions.

Post the following:
1.Which edition of Visual C++ 2005 you have (Express, Standard, Pro etc)
2.Which version of the Microsoft Platform SDK you have installed (if any)
3.Which version of the Microsoft DirectX SDK you have installed
4.Exactly what steps you are taking to try to compile the scripts.dll
5.Exactly what goes wrong (including the FULL text of any error messages you receive)
6.Open visual C++ 2005. Then select tools then options. Then select projects and solutions then vc++ directories. Then select "include files" under "show directories for". Then list all the items shown in the list box. Do the same for "library files".
7.Which scripts.dll version you are trying to compile as well as what, if any, changes have been made to it. If the exact codebase you are trying to compile is available for download, please post a link to it.

Note that this is NOT a place for people to say "can you please compile my build with new scripts for me" or a place for people to say "how do I make new scripts". This is specifically for people who are having trouble getting the scripts.dll to compile because the compiler complains about things like missing header files or missing libraries or gives other errors.

Jonathan Wilson aka Jonwil
Creator and Lead Coder of the Custom scripts.dll
Renegade Engine Guru
Creator and Lead Coder of TT.DLL
Official member of Tiberian Technologies
 Topic: Replace multiple objects in Renx
Replace multiple objects in Renx [message #278874] Mon, 13 August 2007 16:25
R315r4z0r  is currently offline R315r4z0r  
Messages: 3836
Registered: March 2005
Location: New York
General (3 Stars)
From: *
I made a model of a Traffic light and saved it as its own file. Then I exported the model and duplicated and placed it around a map in another Renx file.

Turns out there is an problem with the model that needs a fix, is it possible to simply edit the one model, and replace all the other ones without having to reposition them manually?

[Updated on: Mon, 13 August 2007 16:27]

 Topic: Problem with setting up Multi-gunner vehicle.
Problem with setting up Multi-gunner vehicle. [message #278333] Fri, 10 August 2007 16:40
BlazeDragoon  is currently offline BlazeDragoon  
Messages: 132
Registered: April 2004
From: *
Hey there I've been working up on setting up the MK2 edited by sgtmay (edited more by me:S) and trying to get the whole multiple gunners thing to work. However with setting this up their is one.. well ok two problems I run into.

1.)The scripts don't seem to be working correctly. The one I don't think is working is JFW_Vehicle_Extra_Attach.

2.)The problem I'm most concerned with... enemy units can enter the team's guns. So I'm driving around as a GDI a nod hops in the gun and I'm screwed. I could fix this with JFW_Vehicle_Block_Preset but then Nod wouldn't be able to steal/use the unit.. which I don't want.

If the script worked correctly I wouldn't have a problem but it doesn't seem to.
Main_Object (ID of the main object)
Is this the ID you see when you click MOD?

Anyways any help would be awesome:).
 Topic: Recruiting!
Recruiting! [message #277491] Mon, 06 August 2007 08:45
slavik262  is currently offline slavik262  
Messages: 79
Registered: February 2007
From: *
The Renegade mod [Url =]Rise of Apocalypse: The Dawn of Nod[/Url] is currently seeking new staff. RoA:TDoN is a total conversion mod for Cnc Renegade. Our goal is to make gameplay and appearances closer to those of the original Command & Conquer.

We currently need:

Several Texture Artists

Several skilled Unwrappers

Several dedicated people who have experience with Level Edit

Possibly someone who could do cinematics

And possibly someone to do a few models.

If you are interested, please apply at our forum, located at

Thank you.
 Topic: SSGm and Weapon Powerups
SSGm and Weapon Powerups [message #277159] Sat, 04 August 2007 14:14
JasonKnight  is currently offline JasonKnight  
Messages: 117
Registered: September 2006
From: *
I have no problem with the Weapon power ups working and I know what scripts I wanna use for the Special Powerups liek the stealth suits and armor medals and what not, but with SSGM these power ups refuse to spawn. Hell, I have trouble having anyof them spawn in SSGM

and yes, both SSGM.ini and the CNC_*.ini in the data folder are turned on to spawn weapons. but they dont work. they dont show up on the map. they are there in LE but not ingame
 Topic: Experts and newbies looking to give/receive help
Experts and newbies looking to give/receive help [message #275848] Sat, 28 July 2007 06:13
Titan1x77  is currently offline Titan1x77  
Messages: 1086
Registered: February 2003
General (1 Star)
From: *
Just opened up a new forum for help with all aspects of game design, this isn't limited to any engine or mod, strictly help for modders/developers on any level.

I know you'll find most of your answers for renegade modding here, but you may get an answer there aswell, and if you want to show off and write/blog about your projects/work, you can do so there. Tutorials will be posted and discussed in those forums as well.

Posted this here as most modders visit these forums instead of general.

Taken from the "About forum topic"


1. A place to discuss how mods/games are developed, this can be about anything from coding to optimizing a map/model...anything that has to do with developing a game.

2. Share your knowledge with others!

3. If you need help with anything related to game design ask here, we most likely will know the answer, even if its on the source engine, we have many artists that have worked in other engines (not all of them).

4. Post/link tutorials for other members or help our fans get a better understanding on how things are done.

5. I plan on blogging about my level design process and maybe some of our team members will explain just how they go through modeling or texturing their projects Smile, even outside members can blog or just type a little bit about (meaning you don't need to go into great detail about your project.... Although detail is appreciated Smile ) a project they are developing for some other game, to make the point clear, it doesn't have to be about our mod or Renegade or UT. Show off your skills

6. Show off someone else's fantastic models, textures, etc..., we can discuss the new/proven techniques used to achieve a high level of detail for tomorrows games!

Rules are simple, don't flame anyone for their desire to mod, even if they are just starting out, and no spamming multiple topics about the same model, update your initial thread with new images or information!

[Updated on: Sat, 28 July 2007 06:30]

"But if the gameplay sucks, the looks don't matter at all." - Sir Phoenixx

 Topic: bot spawn error
icon5.gif  bot spawn error [message #274225] Thu, 19 July 2007 09:58
Slayer9x9  is currently offline Slayer9x9  
Messages: 18
Registered: July 2007
From: *
I'm trying to put bots like Sakura on the map, however, when I go to objects and push temp, and select a Sakura skirmish spawner, and press ok, then hit make, LevelEdit crashes?

I tryed just placing th defult skirmish Sakura on the map, but when I go ingame, she isn't there??

What am I doing wrong???

EDIT:wait, never mind...I figured it Blush

[Updated on: Thu, 19 July 2007 10:11]

 Topic: NR Plugin v0.4 Released (7/2/07)
NR Plugin v0.4 Released (7/2/07) [message #270172] Mon, 02 July 2007 10:43
PsuFan  is currently offline PsuFan  
Messages: 441
Registered: February 2007

From: 64.9.12*
This version has enough new features to keep you busy. This version might have some bugs with all the new things that have been added, If you find a bug, Please let me know here.

Readme v0.4

| ----------------------------------------- Legend ------------------------------------------ |

+ Feature Added
~ Feature Change
- Feature Removed
* Bug Fix
^ Night Regulator Port Version

| ------------------------------------------ v0.4.0 ------------------------------------------- |

~ Readme Redone
+ Auto Update Program Created
+ Your Commands Added To !Help
+ Sounds Can Be Added To Sound Databank
+ Night Regulator Commands Can Be Removed
+ User Commands Ignor Night Regulator Commands
+ Text Variables: <pluginversion>
* Delete Command Button Fixed

NR Plugin v0.4

NR Plugin v0.4 Update / Installer (Recommended, This Auto-Installs The Plugin, Place Program In Night Regulator Directory And Run To Install)

FDS | Scripts.dll | SSGM | BIATCH | Night Regulator | NR Plugin | BRenBot | BR Plugins | Tool Manager
 Topic: Requesting Script
icon7.gif  Requesting Script [message #270036] Sun, 01 July 2007 20:44
Tankkiller  is currently offline Tankkiller  
Messages: 192
Registered: February 2006
Location: Oklahoma, OK!
From: *
Ok can any one please make a script that basicly changes controls for vechs: The w or up key makes you speed up. Likewise the s or down key makes you slow down. (two speeds, stop and go forward, just forward. Big Grin) And have the vech follow the mouse pointer.

In other words: I would like a banshee-style control from halo to make non-vtol aircraft more non-vtol aircraft like.

Many thanks if this script is made, if possible.

[Updated on: Sun, 01 July 2007 20:45]

 Topic: how do i make different screnarios on same map
how do i make different screnarios on same map [message #269120] Wed, 27 June 2007 07:31
Messages: 90
Registered: March 2007
From: *
i trying to make a coop on M08 1 where you escape the prison and kill the warden for a then assault the nod base as gdi and beacon it for b

how do i make it pick at random which one to do

at the begining when you spawn you be in a area waiting for it to pick 1 then you go though a teleport to the place where the mission is

[Updated on: Wed, 27 June 2007 07:32]

 Topic: help
help [message #266990] Mon, 18 June 2007 07:11
HORQWER  is currently offline HORQWER  
Messages: 667
Registered: September 2006
Location: Under my bed (lolz)

From: *
hi guys
me and my friends are making a new mod some we need some people to help us
Moddb Page:

[Updated on: Mon, 18 June 2007 07:11]
 Topic: Loading SP LVL
Loading SP LVL [message #265087] Sun, 10 June 2007 21:11
_SSnipe_  is currently offline _SSnipe_  
Messages: 4121
Registered: May 2007
Location: Riverside Southern Califo...
General (4 Stars)
From: *
i edited all my single player maps to have nothing but whats part of it but server restarts on map load i never added anything or deleted anything that was like very importent any one help?
 Topic: modded sounds
modded sounds [message #265061] Sun, 10 June 2007 18:51
cmsl1993  is currently offline cmsl1993  
Messages: 17
Registered: June 2007
From: *
i have the editor and i have edited the the sound but i don't know where to put the package

will someone please tell me

Edit: i got it

[Updated on: Sun, 10 June 2007 19:17]

want one?

Nintendo DS.
Yep its that good
 Topic: Slice Plane
Slice Plane [message #264948] Sun, 10 June 2007 10:25
Sn1per74*  is currently offline Sn1per74*  
Messages: 939
Registered: April 2006
From: *
How do you adjust the size of the slice plane in 3ds max 7? OR How do you make a perfect horizontal/vertical CUT.
Edit: Nvm I figured it out.

[Updated on: Sun, 10 June 2007 10:32]
Creator: AoBFrost
 Topic: Snow
Snow [message #264517] Sat, 09 June 2007 02:41
_SSnipe_  is currently offline _SSnipe_  
Messages: 4121
Registered: May 2007
Location: Riverside Southern Califo...
General (4 Stars)
From: *
what do i do about the missing presents on the snow lvl files?

nvm fixed close or lock this or what ever

[Updated on: Sat, 09 June 2007 02:55]

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