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 Topic: Anyone here works in the publicity / marketing sector?
Anyone here works in the publicity / marketing sector? [message #402382] Fri, 11 September 2009 00:15
Goztow  is currently offline Goztow  
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If so, can they contact me per PM?
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 Topic: Quit Stinking up the Place
Quit Stinking up the Place [message #399389] Sun, 23 August 2009 21:45
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A QH orig.

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 Topic: Worm
Worm [message #398602] Wed, 19 August 2009 20:52
zeratul  is currently offline zeratul  
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Ok anyone got any better information on the worm that was on cause thats what i got i got it fixed but i be
curious Tell Me

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 Topic: some footage, tankin action
some footage, tankin action [message #397776] Wed, 12 August 2009 20:54
Hitman  is currently offline Hitman  
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not to long, but whatever.

[Updated on: Wed, 12 August 2009 21:07]

 Topic: Need help
Need help [message #396724] Sat, 01 August 2009 07:26
2kool4u526  is currently offline 2kool4u526  
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How do I make the multiplayer training map playable in a LAN game (It's boring playing against 1 other person so I want to play against them with bots).
I know there is a german server that plays the map online, but I don't know how to make the multiplayer map select read it???
 Topic: Rockn Ren Flyin' High Again
Rockn Ren Flyin' High Again [message #383434] Wed, 29 April 2009 09:42
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Okay maybe this will help................

"We Can End This Destructive Conquest...
and Rule the Galaxy together."

"Join Me... You Do Not Know the Power of the Darkside."

 Topic: LAN
LAN [message #382828] Sun, 26 April 2009 19:26
The Party  is currently offline The Party  
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How do you host a LAN dedicated server with Nightregulator bot? I can get it working and I can connect to it using another computer and see the server in the LAN window.

But if I try to go to the LAN screen on the computer that the FDS/Bot is on it does not show up.

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 Topic: TT TEASER! - water rendering and widescreen fix
TT TEASER! - water rendering and widescreen fix [message #380101] Mon, 13 April 2009 17:37
Crimson  is currently offline Crimson  
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 Topic: Test topic.
Test topic. [message #372632] Thu, 19 February 2009 08:20
CarrierII  is currently offline CarrierII  
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From: 92.24.50*

I think I broke the forums. Sad

And somehow, posting this fixed it!

Locked. (Don't delete, I think the deletion will cause the error to return Sad )

[Updated on: Thu, 19 February 2009 08:21]

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 Topic: Movie maker problem
Movie maker problem [message #372402] Mon, 16 February 2009 15:57
Muad Dib15  is currently offline Muad Dib15  
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From: *
I'm trying to make a movie of the restoration of my Barracuda, and my Dad's Caddilac. I am having a problem with it though. My songs that I want to use on these aren't working. The only song that works is Holiday for the Caddilac video. For all the other songs, there is no sound at all. Why?

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 Topic: XWIS down again?
XWIS down again? [message #371449] Tue, 10 February 2009 13:18
RTsa  is currently offline RTsa  
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From: *
Anyone else having problems or just me? Unannounced downtime? Any word on what's going on?

edit: nvm, works now, was down though, a couple of guys couldn't get in.

[Updated on: Tue, 10 February 2009 13:32]

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 Topic: Westwood Virtual Museum Mod 0.3 Beta out now!
Westwood Virtual Museum Mod 0.3 Beta out now! [message #370407] Wed, 04 February 2009 06:25
rrutk  is currently offline rrutk  
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Westwood Virtual Museum Mod 0.3 Beta out now!

All here: 2815
 Topic: Hewlett Packard fraud
Hewlett Packard fraud [message #369798] Sat, 31 January 2009 20:28
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
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From: *
The printer cost AU$300, each ink cartridge of its array of 5 costs about AU$50. At first the printer itself was fine, until I came across the revenue-making coding that HP put into its firmware.

Unless you go through two windows and one tab to find the drop-down menu to select the usage of the black-ink cartridge only (compared to High-quality (labelled using all cartridges))every time you print something it will use every cartridge to produce black-and white prints.
However even while you choose to use only the black-cartridge, each cartridge is still drained to "clean itself", labelled as a feature by HP.

If you by any-chance decide to refill a cartridge, it also catches you out by checking the serial number of the cartridge and the last known percentage full. If it has magically filled up, it is rejected.

And then there is the maintenance that takes 5+ minutes to complete (not-stobbable) every time I turn the thing on.

I grew tolerant of this, until the point where it would stop printing even in black-and white unless all cartridges are more than 10% full (according to the printer empty) and the scanner started dieing, mixing the colours around (white = purple, blue = purple, red = blue).

In hope of by-passing the can't-print-b&o-without-colour-cartridges problem, I mucked around with the MFg commands of the printer, and all I could could do was make it crash, or play pong (seriously).

I came across a site which told me how to reset all setting on the printer (holding ok, cancel, black and colour buttons while turning off). After performing this, I was asked my country of residence, and a confirmation that I do really live where I said I lived Huh
The same problem occurred, but I had an idea.

After resetting the printer again, this time I chose the USA as my country of residence after remembering reading the court case about cartridge expiry-dates held in the US.
Believe it or not, I can now print in black-and white without colour cartridges and my scanner magically works again.

Unfortunately, I think I messed around with the MFG commands too-much, as the date is stuck at 00-00-00 and the time is stuck at 00:00.00p, but I don't care. Now I print most things with my trusty Kyocera mita FS-1010 toner printer.
Has anyone here had similar experiences?

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 Topic: Game installers?
Game installers? [message #366321] Wed, 07 January 2009 12:19
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I am currently trying to create a new installation for C&C Renegade, since I don't want to 'scratch my discs' anymore. In other words, I'm just sick of the whole Westwood installer with the goddamn movie at the start. I don't want to wait for so long to finally install the game.

So I was wondering. What software is used for games like Frontlines: Fuel of War, Unreal Tournament 3 etc... with the splash screens, background images when installing, music and all the other amazing features.

Does anybody know? I think it's the older version of installshield wizard as it was still owned by Macrovision and not Acresso.

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 Topic: Kiosk Orbs
Kiosk Orbs [message #364309] Sun, 21 December 2008 18:12
Altzan  is currently offline Altzan  
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From: *
I followed this tutorial on creating kiosk orbs in (There's a Photoshop tutorial somewhere too, he hinted.) This is the result. I like the potential this has Big Ups

  • Attachment: NODORB.png
    (Size: 150.56KB, Downloaded 567 time(s))

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 Topic: I've started the C&C-Shooter-Section at the german
I've started the C&C-Shooter-Section at the german [message #363074] Sat, 13 December 2008 17:52
rrutk  is currently offline rrutk  
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I've started the C&C-Shooter-Section at the german

It's all about Renegade, RenegadeX, Reborn, A Path Beyond and Apocalypse Rising.

Please, all German Renegade Fans, have a look there and leave some postings with your thoughts and news...

I need to get traffic and activity into that section. Goal is to force the german community and to get more players to Renegade, APB and Reborn.
 Topic: Zombie Meatballs!
Zombie Meatballs! [message #360963] Mon, 01 December 2008 15:51
djlaptop  is currently offline djlaptop  
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 Topic: International Gaming Tour
International Gaming Tour [message #357776] Sat, 08 November 2008 19:04
xgmx  is currently offline xgmx  
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From: *
The International Gaming Tour is a international video game tournament organization. We always welcome new players to participate in our annual tournaments for several games, we also welcome new games to be played. So come on by and join us:

What is the International Gaming Tour?
The International Gaming Tour (IGT for short) is a gaming competition founded in 2008 (July 29, 2008 to be exact) by xgmx. The International Gaming Tour hosts a tournament for their supported games each year and the winner of the tournament of each game gets their name inscribed in the legacy of that game, earning themself the untold ammounts of fame. In the future we may even have prizes. Just remember, it's not about winning, it's about having fun, playing fair, and don't forget that your doing it for a good cause.

Good cause, what good cause?
Well the SS Free recently suffered an attack from a hacker who goes by the name of rustyslacker. Also we are helping out Post to Cure Diabetes, which is a organization which encourages people to post on message boards to help find a cure for Diabetes (similar to walkathons but on the Internet).

Alright, so how do I sign up for some tournaments?
First you have to make a account on our website (the IGT will never ask you for your password, if someone claims to be a IGT staff member and asks you for your password report him/her/it to me or another staff member). Then you have to make a topic in the Introductions forum. Once you have made your introduction topic, you can sign up for whatever tournaments you like (as long as the tournament hasn't already started, ended, or is no longer accepting new players).

This sounds great, can my site/company/organization/forum/etc. sponsor/affiliate with your organization?
Be my guest, just make a topic in our Sponsorship forum.

I don't play any IGT supported games, what should I do?
You can suggest new games in our New Game Ideas forum.

Why did you make this advertisement look like a FAQ?
To help people.

Is this post spam?

This sounds too good to be true, is this a scam, is there a hidden charge or something?
Nope, this is all true and legit. I made this because I always wanted make a online competition service, similar to that of the World Cyber Games.

I don't play any video games, what should I do?
Luckily we support American Revolutionary War which is free. You can play American Revolutionary War on the game's official website.

What games does the IGT support?
StarCraft: Brood War
Warcraft II: Edition
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
American Revolutionary War
Star Wars X-Wing Alliance
Star Wars X-Wing versus TIE Fighter
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition
Aliens versus Predator
Metroid Prime Hunters
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
Aliens: Colonial Marines
StarCraft II
Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War
Aliens versus Predator (Static)
Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition (Static)
International Poker Online
Civilization at War
StarCraft: Renegade
Red Death
StarCraft: Ghost
Halo War OMEGA
Alien versus Predator Online
Frank Herbert's Dune Online
Prussian Revolution
Star Trek Annihilation
Stargate Annihilation
Conquest II
American Revolutionary War II
Star Wars: Battle of Hoth
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Diablo III
Hellgate: London
World of Warcraft
Total Annihilation
Quake II
Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2
Battlefield 1942
Call of Duty 2
Soldiers at War
Halo: Combat Evolved
Star Wars: Republic Commando
Unreal Tournament 2004
Tribes 2
Tank Beat
Counter-Strike: Source
Command & Conquer: Renegade

What is the URL again?
 Topic: Audio clips
Audio clips [message #354443] Wed, 15 October 2008 07:49
Distrbd21  is currently offline Distrbd21  
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From: *
upload yours.

  • Attachment: New Guy.mp3
    (Size: 14.66KB, Downloaded 469 time(s))

  • Attachment: Verizon Guy.mp3
    (Size: 136.29KB, Downloaded 452 time(s))

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 Topic: some radio
some radio [message #353456] Mon, 06 October 2008 10:17
renalpha  is currently offline renalpha  
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From: *
Yes i know its R&B and hiphop and stuff.

But hey it got a nice mediaplayer Razz

Aircraftkiller wrote on Fri, 18 February 2011 23:50

I figured some people will still go LOLOLOL STARVING CATS LOOOOLZ UR A FAG or some dumb shit like that. Thanks for not disappointing! Smile

 Topic: Free video editing software
Free video editing software [message #350420] Thu, 11 September 2008 01:15
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
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From: *
Simply put, the only reason I don't want to use WMM is that I can't export videos with my own codec.
Does anyone know any free video editing apps? Virtual dub doesn't allow me to join several videos together as far as I know, so that's off the list.

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 Topic: C&C Quick Draw
C&C Quick Draw [message #348741] Sat, 30 August 2008 16:32
trunkskgb  is currently offline trunkskgb  
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For the map Quick Draw (which was released quite a few years ago) it should come with a custom script in order to play. If you do not have this script you can't even see the ground and you always fall through it and die.

Anyone still have this script or at least know where to get it?

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 Topic: Nod desktop background
Nod desktop background [message #347995] Fri, 22 August 2008 20:57
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
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From: *
The image is 1280x1024 and has been compressed using PNGout.
Unfortunately the PNG version was 70kb to large to host on renegade forums.

Full-quality PNG version

[Updated on: Sat, 23 August 2008 17:32]

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 Topic: C&C Mod Community Group
C&C Mod Community Group [message #342816] Fri, 25 July 2008 04:15
Mad Ivan  is currently offline Mad Ivan  
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From: *
Just wanted to give a little heads up to the Facebook-users out there.

I've created a C&C Mod Community Group; feel free to join Here.

I'd also appreciate if people post this around their sites Smile


[Updated on: Fri, 25 July 2008 04:30]

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 Topic: Dr.Horrible (Funny web-series directed by Joss Whedon)
Dr.Horrible (Funny web-series directed by Joss Whedon) [message #341490] Thu, 17 July 2008 18:42
Ryu  is currently offline Ryu  
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From: *
Stars Nathan Fillion, Neil Patric Harris and Felicia Day !

Watch act I Here
Watch act II Here

Act III coming on July 19th. Smile

Enjoy, funny stuff.

For anyone who is still curious, It's a Sing-a-long about a guy who wants to take over the world and his encounters with his enemy Captain Hammer and how he's trying to steal the girl of his dreams, it's funny though, and awesome, since it is Joss Whedon.

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