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 Topic: MRL
MRL [message #376843] Fri, 20 March 2009 03:12
LiL KiLLa  is currently offline LiL KiLLa  
Messages: 600
Registered: October 2008
Location: Hamburg/Germany

From: *
can anyone make me a new mrl maybe?
Big Grin mine looks ugly Sneaky

file =

[Updated on: Fri, 20 March 2009 03:12]
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 Topic: thiimila bullets and lights
thiimila bullets and lights [message #376339] Sun, 15 March 2009 15:28
anant  is currently offline anant
Messages: 571
Registered: July 2008
Location: Canada
From: *
anybody got em?
also, di3hardNL's hary lights, i would like those too

[Updated on: Sun, 15 March 2009 16:36]
Rest in peace spoonplex, We love you.
 Topic: Starting to skin need help with tools in gimp
Starting to skin need help with tools in gimp [message #376134] Sat, 14 March 2009 00:58
DeathC200  is currently offline DeathC200  
Messages: 220
Registered: June 2008
Location: Hud Base
From: *
what tools in gimp do i need to color specific details of a selected skin part

example removing text from a skin how do i do that and how do i edit all the littile things and details of the skin ?

[Updated on: Sat, 14 March 2009 01:15]

 Topic: Shaders
Shaders [message #374617] Tue, 03 March 2009 11:36
LR01  is currently offline LR01  
Messages: 842
Registered: April 2006
Location: The Netherlands
From: *
Using the shaders add, alpha-blend ore screen, well I think just making a material transparent is enough, I get that "bug"(?). It starts whit LE, when you change from first to third person, ore other wise, the material get darker ore brighter, this also happens ingame but then also whit different angels.

and when I wanted to make a screenshot about, it just worked as it is supposed to...

Moding can be real Fun...
 Topic: Original Old Scope - Adjustment
Original Old Scope - Adjustment [message #370021] Mon, 02 February 2009 04:50
rrutk  is currently offline rrutk  
Messages: 617
Registered: June 2007
From: *

This is the Original Old Scope. If you just rename it to, it doesnt work.

I scaled it down to 128x128, and then it works this way.

but it looks not as good as it could look and scaling down seems not to be the sense for me.

so, how to solve that?

in Leveledit "global settings"->"hud"->"hud" you can adjust texture size and a lot more?

what are the correct settings for seeting up the old scope???


in the download section you could download the old beta hud.
how to set this up?

[Updated on: Mon, 02 February 2009 04:51]

 Topic: 3DS Max 6
3DS Max 6 [message #369176] Tue, 27 January 2009 15:32
Gen_Blacky  is currently offline Gen_Blacky  
Messages: 3241
Registered: September 2006
General (3 Stars)
From: *
Does anyone one know where I can find 3ds max 6 or 7, i need it for a plugin and does not work with 8 0r 9.
 Topic: making skin cloudlayer request
making skin cloudlayer request [message #367311] Wed, 14 January 2009 09:56
TankArmy5  is currently offline TankArmy5  
Messages: 27
Registered: November 2008
From: *
anyone can making skin cloudlayer for Scotland and England circle in one dds?
 Topic: Simple Cover Spot Problem
Simple Cover Spot Problem [message #366728] Fri, 09 January 2009 20:41
Burn  is currently offline Burn  
Messages: 160
Registered: November 2004
From: *
OK I've been working on this stupid thing for hours and can't seem to figure out what's causing it. I didn't break any rules while making the map...

Whenever I try to make a cover zone, it is made but when I click on it the highlight box is red instead of white. And, in the game the AI completely ignore the cover zone. The zone is up high enough and not colliding with anything else. It's just out in the open and not making itself a valid cover spot. Also, when I attempt to add an attack location that comes up as red too.

My whole map is inside a cave, is that what's causing it?

I know there may be many things that could cause this problem and you may want more of a description, but does anyone know of something simple that may cause this?

Help is always appreciated! Thanks!


EDIT: This doesn't seem to be a problem. After looking at the map again the AI are not ignoring the cover zones. It's just strange that the zones come up as red instead of white. Nevermind!

[Updated on: Fri, 09 January 2009 20:55]

 Topic: Helping with server side M07...
Helping with server side M07... [message #365448] Tue, 30 December 2008 12:17
piotrkol1  is currently offline piotrkol1  
Messages: 167
Registered: July 2005
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From: *
I had a M07 serverside map for a while now and it worked fine. I have MCTs set up on my SP maps and for some reason I had PP's for both teams on M07 and the MCT's were not working. So I went back to level editor and switched it to Ref's, but then your Renegade would crash when you enter the game. So I went back and changed it to PP's again, but it still crashes again when before it worked fine?! Anyone know if there's any way tp save the map? Cuz I would hate to have to start all over again...
 Topic: Client Side KeyHooks?
Client Side KeyHooks? [message #364925] Fri, 26 December 2008 14:55
YazooGang  is currently offline YazooGang  
Messages: 740
Registered: August 2008
Location: US
From: *
is it possible?
Roleplay2 scripts have it, but i tried to get the codes from ssgm and i had alot of errors...
 Topic: explosion sounds
explosion sounds [message #364922] Fri, 26 December 2008 14:14
medmech12  is currently offline medmech12  
Messages: 32
Registered: December 2007
From: *
err, in leveledit, where can i find the explosion for the proximity mine?
 Topic: Vet discounts
Vet discounts [message #362920] Fri, 12 December 2008 21:13
Gen_Blacky  is currently offline Gen_Blacky  
Messages: 3241
Registered: September 2006
General (3 Stars)
From: *
I want to make it in my vet system when they upgrade a rank in the vet system they get a percent discount on there purchases how would i do this.

using reborn s vet system that he released

[Updated on: Fri, 12 December 2008 21:22]
 Topic: Neon Sign
Neon Sign [message #362040] Mon, 08 December 2008 19:23
Sn1per74*  is currently offline Sn1per74*  
Messages: 939
Registered: April 2006
From: *
How would I go about modeling a neon sign? Like the Budweiser and Coors Lite ones that you see in restaurants for example.
Creator: AoBFrost
 Topic: Is_mod Brenbot
Is_mod Brenbot [message #361868] Sun, 07 December 2008 14:20
Gen_Blacky  is currently offline Gen_Blacky  
Messages: 3241
Registered: September 2006
General (3 Stars)
From: *
Can I use brenbot mod list or make it so it uses brenbot

bool is_mod(const char *Name)
     fstream file("mods.txt", ios::in);
     string tmp;
     while(file >> tmp)
         if(strcmp(Name, tmp.c_str()) == 0)
               return 1;
     return 0;

[Updated on: Sun, 07 December 2008 14:21]
 Topic: New Nod Buggy
New Nod Buggy [message #359046] Wed, 19 November 2008 16:07
Messages: 235
Registered: March 2008
Location: Western Oceania
From: *
How can I make the nod buggy have the gdi humvee's machinegun turret using gmax?
 Topic: Debug
Debug [message #346263] Mon, 11 August 2008 20:10
BlueThen  is currently offline BlueThen  
Messages: 2402
Registered: February 2006
General (2 Stars)
From: *
I found some of the stuff in input.ini interesting.


; Debug

; C&C Buy Key

;**                               Debug                              **  


Up_Key_Held=CameraDistDec			; (gth) changed these to match the cameras.ini settings



Ofcourse, they don't work. I doubt the debug is even still coded into renegade,

another reason why it'd be nice to have the beta!
 Topic: need help!
need help! [message #345656] Fri, 08 August 2008 13:56
medmech12  is currently offline medmech12  
Messages: 32
Registered: December 2007
From: *
Hey can someone plz give me the animation files name for havoc/sbh struggling when raveshaw grabs them and the animations for a bot from MP practice getting shot ty
 Topic: Bot Waypaths
Bot Waypaths [message #341813] Sat, 19 July 2008 10:58
medmech12  is currently offline medmech12  
Messages: 32
Registered: December 2007
From: *
Hey guys, how do I make a bot follow a waypath just like the bots from the skirmish00 map? I use M03 follow waypath but the bots walk.
 Topic: why cant i put scripts in a pkg?
why cant i put scripts in a pkg? [message #341252] Wed, 16 July 2008 13:25
Darknes2  is currently offline Darknes2  
Messages: 91
Registered: July 2007
Location: Alaberma

From: *

situation: im making a new map for my community and its a .pkg (not changing that i need the features of a .pkg)
and if i put scripts in it to attach to objects then when i run it my personal scriptsa.dll wont load up in the server its just all plain

i cannot put my personal scripts.dll in the for obvious reasons
so how can i get the scripts to both work? :/
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 Topic: C&C Plastic Revolution Website
C&C Plastic Revolution Website [message #338212] Mon, 30 June 2008 12:59
N1warhead  is currently offline N1warhead  
Messages: 319
Registered: May 2006
Location: On the Pc

From: *
I have created the official website for the mod guys and gals.

I hope you all like it and register and keep the community alive Very Happy.

here is the link <a href="" target=""></a>

[Updated on: Mon, 30 June 2008 12:59] All your C&C Modding Tutorials/Downloads/Forums, etc! Conquering the C&C universe with a rush of MEDS and MRLS!
 Topic: Need help making a animated mesh c4 explosive
Need help making a animated mesh c4 explosive [message #337557] Thu, 26 June 2008 09:34
Raptor RSF  is currently offline Raptor RSF  
Messages: 210
Registered: July 2007
Location: Netherlands
From: *
hello everyone! Big Grin

How do i make an animated mesh (object) for a timed c4?

I already did, but the animation only plays in the w3d vieuwer. The animation does not play in the game.

Anyone know how i can make this possible?

(export options?)
(or is it impossible?)
(How to create animated mesh in an emitter?)
(wwskin isnt animating ingame too Sad
(how can i make an working animated emitter mesh in renx or 3dsmax?)

any ideas would be very apreciated!


[Updated on: Sat, 28 June 2008 15:11]

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 Topic: Custom hud icons
Custom hud icons [message #336125] Fri, 20 June 2008 04:29
ErroR  is currently offline ErroR  
Messages: 2984
Registered: March 2008
Location: Moldova
General (2 Stars)

From: *
If you make a custom hud icon the shape of old icon is still there and the new one is inside that shape how to change that???
 Topic: W3d import error-dsp_shipradar.w3d
W3d import error-dsp_shipradar.w3d [message #333738] Fri, 06 June 2008 19:25
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
Messages: 1458
Registered: August 2006
Location: Australia, Sydney
General (1 Star)
From: *
I know the W3D importer has 101 bugs that are normally by-passable by fiddling with the import options.
Today I tried to import dsp_shipradar.w3d as I wanted to strip it of the "destroyed look" frames and so use it as an object rather than a tile after exporting. Unfortunately I couldn't import it. The first try, I received this (attached) text file. After fiddling with the import frames options I instead got a general application fault while importing.
Anyone know if I have do do something else to be able to import this particular W3D?

A proud user of Renegade with TT on Linux, unemulated thanks to the Wine project
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 Topic: JFW_Carry
JFW_Carry [message #331459] Wed, 21 May 2008 23:32
Veyrdite  is currently offline Veyrdite  
Messages: 1458
Registered: August 2006
Location: Australia, Sydney
General (1 Star)
From: *
Official scripts readme extract

Only_Empty (only permit empty vehicles to be carried)
Control_ID (ID of the object with JFW_Carry_Control on it)

Bone_Name (bone to attach to)
Cost (cost to return if someone buys one that goes over the caryall limit)
Control_ID (ID of the object with JFW_Carry_Control on it)
To trigger this, you need to make the primary weapon with a range long enough to "shoot" the vehicle you want to pick up (make it do no damage)
Then you make the secondary weapon short enough to "shoot" the carryall itself (again with no damage) to drop off the vehicle (again, make it do no damage)

JFW_Carry_Control (controller for caryalls & vehicle carriers, put this on the map somewhere)
Max_Carryalls (maximum number of carryalls to permit, up to 20 is possible)


EDIT: I've made it work with a Vtol but it wont allow me to detach the vehicle with the secondary fire. The image below shows the secondary fire's options
EDIT2: Attached is a video (XVID compression) of my problem. My attempts to detach the barrel by firing secondary are obvious. Note that the barrel is a vehicle.

[Updated on: Thu, 22 May 2008 02:20]

A proud user of Renegade with TT on Linux, unemulated thanks to the Wine project
WOL: Veyrdite Previously: Dthdealer ( a long time ago )
 Topic: Questions on scripting.
Questions on scripting. [message #330922] Sat, 17 May 2008 17:12
nopol10  is currently offline nopol10  
Messages: 1041
Registered: February 2005
Location: Singapore
General (1 Star)

From: 220.255.7*
Here's a few questions I have:

1. How do I have a chatcommand take arguments? I.E !spawn abc or !spawn bcd where the main command is !spawn and abc and bcd are arguments.

2. How do I put in the parameters in Commands->Attach_Script for a script which takes in multiple arguments?

3. What command can be used to display a message box (like the one for MOTD) to a certain player (in C++)

Thanks in advance!

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