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Tiberian Technologies releases TT-scripts 4.0 open beta! [message #453529] Thu, 08 September 2011 06:29
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After more than 3.5 years of coding and organising, today is finally the day on which we're proud to release the public beta version of the lastest update for C&C Renegade. Most of you will probably have heard of the huge impact of this incredible patch, but for those who haven't: see below for more details.
It has been a long wait indeed, but by now going officially into open beta we're finally delivering on the promise we made in July 2008. We have kept you waiting for quite some time, but we are confident that the build we present today is stable and to our knowledge does not contain any significant bugs. Huge changes are incorporated in the patch, most notably the anti-cheat bits, the map downloader, the auto-updater, but also loads of bugfixes and other improvements, such as a fix for blue hell.

Patch Info
TT strives to bring Renegade up to the next level. The game we have played and loved for years is updated to include fixes for many nasty bugs, reduction of lag issues, and even enhanced gameplay with new features. Most outstanding features of this new patch are the resource manager, which allows to download maps when joining so that you can play custom maps without leaving the game, and the much improved anti-cheat mechanisms.

The patch contains the following highlights:

  • Built in anti cheat (replacing RenGuard, BIATCH, and RR)
  • Automatic downloading of maps and other content
  • Auto-updater, so that you will always have the latest bugfixes and we can easily respond on cheaters
  • Better compatibility with programs such as VoiceOverlay for TeamSpeak
  • Countless engine bugfixes and performance enhancements

    • Most prominent bugfixes:

      • Blue hell fix!
      • Purchase terminals now work directly after rejoin.
      • The pistol now starts out loaded when you spawn.
      • The repair bays on Glacier Flying and other maps with repair bays now work correctly.
      • You will no longer be killed on some maps if you are standing right next to the weapons factory and someone buys a vehicle.
      • Taking a screenshot no longer causes lag.
      • Using a sniper scope no longer causes lag.
      • Points fix - fixes an error in the way points are calculated when damaging vehicles with green health.
      • The selection of where you spawn when you join the game/die/etc is now more random.

    • Enhancements:

      • Support for using the left and right side buttons on mice with more than 3 buttons.
      • The weapon back and forward keys will now skip weapons that are out of ammo. You can still access those weapons by pressing the number keys to select the specific weapon.
      • New feature on vehicles that calculates damage points based on last occupant for a short interval.

The file-hash anti-cheat is a feature in scripts 4.0 that checks sensitive files on the client to make sure they have not been tampered with. When a client running 4.0 loads a file, it sends a secure hash to the server. If the file-hash anti-cheat has been enabled (by setting AntiCheatEnabled=true in server.ini), the server then checks it against its approved list. If it is not on the list, the server kicks the player with a message informing them which file caused the anti-cheat to reject them.
Any files in the server data folder are considered "approved" as are files listed in anticheat.ini. This allows server owners to specifically allow certain skins or models, while automatically blocking all skins/models or objects that are unknown to the server.

Files that are checked by the anti-cheat, should they exist:

  • mix files (including always.dat, always.dbs and map mix files)
  • tt.ini
  • scopes.cfg
  • sniper scope textures (standard hud_sniper texture and custom scope *textures)
  • stealth_effect texture
  • shader database (shaders.shd file)
  • custom shaders (source and binary)
  • w3d files
  • cameras.ini
  • surfaceeffects.ini
  • objects.ddb

Plus the following files on a per-map basis:

  • mapname.ddb
  • mapname.lsd
  • mapname.ldd
  • mapname.shd

Resource manager
TT-scripts have the ability to download new maps from a server's remote file repository. This could be a different server all together, as long as it offers downloads over HTTP. The idea behind this is that when a player is missing the map the server is running it will be automatically downloaded and installed on the client whereafter the client can immediately play the map, the game does not require a restart as it would before. This makes playing on fan maps much easier, as one does not have to manually download the map and restart the game to play on that particular server.
The resource manager will make sure you'll have the required maps and possible other packages. It could include skins or different models or even soundpacks, at the server owner's discretion.

Downloads and more
You can download the patch at:
It contains the client and server files besides the sourcecode and some mod-tools. It also has some extra information about the files and where to look for documentation regarding the server, sourcecode and modtools.

Changelog since private beta
To give you a little insight in our coding kitchen, we included the lists of bugs that have been found and fixed during the private beta. The private beta started at early may 2011.

  • !lock'ing has bugs
  • 3 New crates: UberWire, HumanSilo and AmmoRegen. SSGM Option CharactersDropDNA
  • 4.0 triggers BIATCH network exploiting messages (need logs from server)
  • Add configurable option for DropWeapons allowed Pickup Time.
  • Add configurable option for vehicle Wreckages to have them selfdestruct after some time
  • Add the CnC Technology Center icon to installer. Suits Tiberian Technologies
  • Added scripts for building reviving code which allows for dead buildings to be restored. Restore_Building
  • Added scripts for coop maps Intro, M01, Tutorial and Ship
  • Advanced Strings Editor crash when edit string under ENC
  • AGT No string when killing vehicles, Double logging in ssgm
  • As many custom scripts from 3.4.4 as possible ported to the new codebase
  • Bad Contact Normal error in Leveledit
  • Bansystem plugin that bans by serial hash
  • Beacon issues
  • Beacon Purchase/Placement Exploit/Glitch
  • Black textbox out of position
  • Broken vehicle lights
  • Bullet shell sounds when they fall on the ground
  • C4 in MCT
  • C4 land angled
  • Client chat log support. Press U for a Chathistory window ingame
  • Credits showing up in single player(FIXED) and an issue with the player list
  • Dialog box background glitches
  • Disable SBH picking up of dropped weapons
  • ExtraConsoleCommands plugin by reborn
  • Fix for kicking people for having certain mix files in data folder
  • Fix for shooting through the WF glass. Note that 4.0 is required, non 4.0 can still shoot through it.
  • Fix installer with regards to getting language from registry
  • Fix killmessages when AI units kill you (SSGM)
  • Fix maxhealth increase so it properly shows on healthbars
  • Fix no-gameplay-pending on Clients here
  • Fix shooting bullets through players
  • Fix the bug whereby if you're pressing against a wall or something, you don't lose ammo
  • Fix the harvesting animation for the harvester
  • Fix U Chat history key not auto scrolling down
  • Fix weird targeting and graphical errors
  • Fixup bugs in WWConfig utility
  • Floating C4's bug
  • Floating name tags
  • Flying c4 on non-tt servers
  • FPS drops in single player near a Nod SAM site
  • gameDefinitions broken with custom packages
  • Glacier Flying Repair Pad "repair arc" animation has issues
  • Glitched sides of Hand slow down Infantry
  • Going inside places youre not supposed to such as above WF construction bay
  • Graphical glitches that Nirst0rm noticed
  • Graphical issue with the SBH's Laser Rifle in first person mode
  • Harvester under attack string isn't always displayed on non-TT servers
  • Important cause of blue hell fixed (it can possibly still occur, but is much less likely, time will tell if it ever occurs again)
  • Inability to walk through bushes 3rd person
  • Incorrect Gametime on endgame screen
  • Ion cannon strange graphics glitch
  • Issue with anti-cheat not working
  • Issue with unlimited ammo and bullets
  • Joining with an invalid nickname to crash the server. Like really long nicknames.
  • LAN Mode shows the current map as nextmap
  • launcher error when launching via RenList etc
  • Launcher RAM usage way too high, VFS error
  • Launcher should not display UI when you load the launcher/game normally (including passing +connect to it)
  • Lighttank graphical glitch when bought - linked to graphical issues
  • Make ForceTeam mapspecific
  • Map Downloader that downloads new maps on demand
  • Messed up tree tiles
  • Mines dont disappear when player leaves game
  • Mute plugin by reborn
  • New option "ShowExtraMessages" to display when players start repairing a building, disarm C4 and Beacons
  • Not lagging screenshot code that saves directly in PNG format
  • Obelisk "back-walking" still works
  • Obelisk can't hit infantry on certain spots in Hourglass
  • Obelisk ignoring MRLS at certain angle
  • Obelisk is sometimes not dealing any damage while hitting a unit or vehicle
  • Obelisk seems less accurate when firing at moving infantry
  • On join radar does not work on pre 4.0
  • PackageEditor that converts mixfiles into usable packages for the downloader
  • Possible resource manager issues
  • Powerplants and double cost errors
  • Proper log file fixing. Various logging now takes place in the users Documents folder including screenshots
  • PT sound issues
  • PT-Outside does not work with certain weapons selected and is harder than on stock
  • Radio command emoticons fix
  • remaining resource manager edge cases and possible bugs
  • Remote screenshot command for server admins
  • Resource manager crash
  • Scoreboard bug showing 0 points for teams while there was scored
  • Seeing player names through walls
  • Server crashes
  • server crashes
  • Several Ammo Glitches
  • Several implementations of anticheat
  • Sound Aggregates crashes possibly
  • Spectate plugin by reborn
  • SSGM vehicle ownership system minor bugs
  • Start with loaded pistol on spawn
  • strings_map.tdb support for custom maps with custom temped presets which allows for proper translation of those new presets
  • Support for more recent Operating Systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Support most of the console commands from 3.4.4
  • Swap plugin to allow switching teams with another player, by reborn
  • Tank/harv ghost
  • Targeting through wall ability increased
  • The stealth effect is apparently applied to a Nuke Beacon's bounding box
  • Tiberiumdamage repairing bug causes shield to not be repaired
  • Turret lag fix
  • Unable to see player tags in certain situations (requires more testing)
  • Under attack messages act differently on the test server
  • Various crashes
  • Vehicle binding bug when stolen
  • Vehicle binding when you purchase a vehicle
  • Vehicle Wreckages and DropWeapons are not working properly
  • vehicle wreckages are harder to kill
  • wrong strings in kill messages

Tiberian Technologies would not have been possible without the help of some of the brightest minds in the Renegade community, including members of BlackIntel, Blackhand Studios, Black Cell, MP-Gaming and a new face or two. The member list in alphabetical order is:
Name            Country         Position        Group                   Software Titles
Blazer          USA             Consultant      Blackhand Studios       BRenBot
Cat998          Austria         Coder           BlackIntel              BIATCH
Crimson         USA             Management      Blackhand Studios       RenGuard
danpaul88       UK              Coder           Blackhand Studios       BRenBot
EvilWhiteDragon Netherlands     PR/Consultant   BlackIntel              BIATCH
Ghostshaw       Netherlands     Coder           BlackIntel              BIATCH
inetkngeek      USA             Coder           Blackhand Studios       RenGuard, CPs
jonwil          Australia       Coder           Blackhand Studios       scripts.dll
mac             Germany         Management      Blackhand Studios       BrenBot/RenGuard
reborn          UK              Coder           MP-gaming               Various SSGM plugins
Saberhawk       USA             Coder           none                    scripts.dll
Sir Kane        Germany         Coder           Blackhand Studios       Original bhs.dll, ladder server, RenGuard
StealthEye      Netherlands     Coder           BlackIntel              BIATCH
Spoony          UK              QA/Balance      none 	
WhiteDragon     USA             Coder           Black Cell              SSGM
v00d00          Canada          Coder           Blackhand Studios       TFD's no cd crack, RenGuard
Yrr             Germany         Coder           none                    Renegade Resurrection
zunnie          Netherlands     Coder           MP-Gaming               Co-op
BlackIntel admin/founder/PR dude (not a coder)
Please visit

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