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Rules of Conduct [message #237163] Thu, 04 January 2007 00:12
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Please take the time to read these few rules of conduct. [Last update: 13th of November 2011]

Rules of conduct

Signatures: These should be nothing more than a small image and few lines of text. Once signatures start getting larger than 8-10 lines of text in size(approximately 450 pixels ACROSS * 150 pixels DOWN), it distracts from the actual post. The purpose of a forum is to read what other people have to say, not to look at the "pretty pictures" in their signature. The file size of signature should also not exceed 512Kb. If you think that this is too large, you can choose to hide signatures in the Control Panel. Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to restrict your access to the "signatures" feature if you abuse the privilege by using it to violate any of the forum rules.

Images: When posting images in the forum, try to keep their size below 1024*768 pixels. This is to avoid screen stretching, as well as loading several large images each time you try to read a thread. Use thumbnails or links if possible. You can also "spoilerize" your image by using this code:

Swearing: We will not be censoring any "bad words" here. But please still keep it within reason, and use the Hot Issues forum for anything too intense.

Moderators: Respect the decisions of the moderators, they hold that position for good reason. If you have any serious complaints, contact Crimson privately. Do not start a public bash-fest against a moderator you don't agree with.
Also keep in mind that you are not a moderator. You do not decide when threads are locked, posts are deleted, etc., and therefore should not post as such in threads. The "Report Message" and Private Message features are there for a reason. You are encouraged to use them when needed.

Harassment/Racism/Flaming: Harassment of other members, racism, or any hate speech in general will not be tolerated. Moderators will be the judge of what is intolerable, and what is not. Also, please refrain from flaming other members. If you really must, keep it inside of the Hot Issues forum.

Spelling/Grammar: This is a gaming forum, not literature. Keep the urge to correct to yourself. If it pains you so much to see someone misspell a word, miss a comma, etc., give them lessons in private because we don't want to see it on the forums. However, we would appreciate it if everyone's post was at least legible.

Flooding/Spam: Posting IS throttled here, there is a variable second wait period between each post. Keep all spam in the Spam forum. Attention: in the spam forum, all other rules obviously still apply. Spam threads/posts in other forums will be moved to the Silo. The tech support, TT and mod forum should absolutely stay spam free. Creating duplicate threads in the same or different forums, and the spamming of useless images or image macros in threads will not be acceptable. Bumping a thread of considerable age, especially for the purpose of creating disruption/spam is not allowed.

Warez: This is a warez-free forum, and supports legitimate ownership of all games, software, music, movies, etc. Do not come here looking for or spreading CD/DVD images, serials, or any other form of warez. We are very strict on this rule.

Cheats/Hacks: This forum fully supports RenGuard along with other anti-cheat solutions. With that said, the posting or advertising of cheats will not be tolerated in any way imaginable.

Explicit Content: This is a free public forum open to anyone above 12 years old, therefore please use discretion when posting images or links. Nudity, extreme gore/violence, or other content of this nature is not permitted.

Advertising: forum members can advertise their Renegade or Command and Conquer related community, clan or business via a small line in their signature. takes no responsibility for the services these members are offering, and is just a platform for these advertisements.

Private subforums: counts a certain number of private subforums, such as the server owners forum. If you have gained access to them, then please be aware that everything posted in these subforums should stay confidential.

Leaks/Private Information: does not support or endorse the leaking of confidential or restricted information, such as leaked closed alpha/beta software, leaked source code, leaked logs, private messages, etc. Offenders will suffer any appropriate punishment up to and including post deletion/edits, temporary/permanent bans, and private message use restriction.

Private Messaging: Due to the inability to screen private messages, your ability to use them may be temporarily disabled if you are suspected to be involved or closely related to the violation of any of forum rules.

General Complaints/Problems: If you happen to have a problem with a member of these forums, or with how these forums are managed, feel free to contact any member of the administration or moderation staff and we will work to solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The "Report Message" and Private Message features are there for a reason. You are encouraged to use them when needed.

People that have been temporarily banned before, for breaking these Rules of Conduct are on thin ice and should be aware that any minor transgression of these rules will result in further action.

Posting on behalf of banned users will be considered as bypassing a ban. For doing this, you will usually be issued a single warning and topic removal. Repeat infractions will result in having your own account banned as well for a length of time appropriate to the situation.

  • A post asking "Why was XXX banned?" is generally acceptable (subject to normal rules about relevancy and spam)
  • Pasting a banned user's words (from a chat room, PM, etc) may earn you an immediate ban and possible post removal, especially if the content contains a rebuttal, argument, or verbal attack
  • Sharing your password with a banned member is an instantly-bannable offense. You take responsibility for their actions on your account.

The use of Tor servers or proxies to hide your IP address (especially when doing so to bypass a ban) is expressly forbidden unless required by your network/ISP.

These Rules of Conduct have been agreed upon by the administration, and are subject to change at any time. Any changes made or required due to an unanticipated action by a forum member may be acted upon immediately and without warning at the discretion of the Administration.
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